New Floating Docks in Baudette Bay!

A new floating dock system was installed this fall on Baudette Bay in Willie Walleye Park. With fall fishing ramping up it’s the perfect time to have a dock system like this installed and accessible to the public. The bay is deep enough to accommodate charter and personal boats. The location of the docks could not be better as the users of the dock can land their boat and head up the hill to eat or shop in town.

After a morning of catching walleyes you can head up to one of the restaurants in town and get a hot meal, then head back to the boat to continue fishing. There is also a great picnic area at the new docks as well as a fishing pier. The floating docks allow anglers an opportunity to utilize the town while fishing the Rainy River.

There are two landings near the floating docks, Peace Park which is in the Baudette Bay as well and Timber Mill Park which is just up river from Baudette Bay.

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