New Video!! Ice Fishing Lake of the Woods on Across the Ice Belt TV

While the talk in these parts still focuses on the fall run of walleyes on the Rainy River, the sheer numbers of fish on the main basin, and the crazy stupid bite up at the NW Angle, deer hunting and soon, ice fishing is fast approaching.

Ice fishing typically begins at the end of November in these parts with spear houses being staged on backwaters of bays such as Bostic Creek, Morris Point and Zippel Bay.  As the ice thickens, typically some resorts who have been watching, measuring and staking trails on safe ice will allow ATV traffic with collapsible fish houses.  Weather depending, this can be end of November or early December.  In a normal year, resorts will typically pull out their permanent fish houses on to the lake around December 10th.  Now, with these estimates being mentioned, work through a resort who knows the ice and stay on the marked trail.  They are marked for a reason and going off of the trail can lead you into unsafe areas.

Ice fishing is fast approaching.  With a noticeable increase this year of walleyes both in the main basin (Big Traverse Bay), staging along the south shore of the lake and in the Rainy River, and another strong year up at the NW Angle, many believe the ice fishing this year will be strong.  Last year we saw good numbers of saugers and some walleyes.  This year the prediction is more walleyes plus the saugers.  Time will tell.

Last year we had the chance to get fishing with Jeff Andersen, host of Across the Ice Belt TV and a member of the Clam Ice Team.  Clam came out with this new TV show last year and it airs on Fox Sports North and WI.  The show features a variety of destinations that feature strong ice fishing and Lake of the Woods was fortunate to be one of those destinations.

Clam started out strong with collapsible fish houses and is still re-inventing through technology to produce advanced fish houses and a variety of wonderful products for ice anglers.  Many of these designs and styles of fish houses that revolutionized ice fishing were created initially by the Godfather of ice fishing, Dave Genz.  Dave is very involved with Clam and is still extremely active both on the ice, filming shows and inventing products and lures that are well received by anglers.  For how instrumental he has been in the progression of ice fishing, he is also a very humble, nice person who is very approachable.

In this show, we show ice fishing not from a collapsible house, but a permanent fish house as is offered by most Lake of the Woods resorts.  The idea is to show both beginner and avid ice anglers full service ice fishing that appeals to a wide variety of ice anglers.  For those who don’t ice fish much, the sport might be perceived as cold and uncomfortable.  As you may know if you have ever spent a day in a 70 degree fish house enjoying the company of others and catching fish, it is a wonderful day on the ice that many actually prefer over open water.

This show explains this kind of fishing  The kind where you eat a nice breakfast at a resort in the morning.  The kind that you don’t need a ton of equipment, but rather you bucket of ice fishing rods, electronics if you have them and your lunch.  The kind where heated ice transportation transports you to your heated ice fishing house that has been placed strategically to catch fish.  The holes are all drilled and cleaned out.  The temp is 70 degrees and the environment is set for a wonderful day with friends, family or coworkers.  At about 4:30pm or when the sun gets low, the ice guide will pick up you and your bucket of fish and bring you back into the resort just in time for happy hour.  In fact, they will even clean your fish!

This is full service ice fishing on Lake of the Woods.  Enjoy the show.

If you are interested in experiencing full service ice fishing on Lake of the Woods, contact one of our resorts or sleeper fish house providers.

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