It’s not to late to book your winter getaway!

As we push into February and the heart of ice fishing season and beyond finding availability can be difficult but not impossible. With over 60 lodging facilities finding a place to rest your head or put a line in the water can be as simple as asking a few questions. Taking a look at our lodging page is the best place to start to compare amenities of lodges and resorts to find what you are looking for.

Next check out our hot deals page where you can find current and future promotions for the area. Who knows you may be able to save some money while fishing LOW. Some resorts just recently updated listings so head on over to take a look.


If there isn’t anything in the hot deals page and you have inquired a few resorts to no avail try our Lodging Availability finder tool. This tool will let you fill out one form to be sent out to all of the resorts and then resorts will come to you with what they have available in your time frame.

Lake of the Woods has different sets of rules and season lengths when compared to the rest of the state. For us fish houses can be left overnight on the lake through March 31st. Also our walleye season reaches through April 14 before closing for a month until Fishing opener.

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