NW Angle Featured in BBC Article

When Kristin Vukovic called about taking a different kind of approach to learning about the NW Angle, she had our attention.  Her intent was to gain an understanding of this very special place through the eyes of locals including the local Angle Inlet School teacher Linda LaMie.  She explored, fished, boated and chatted with residents of the area to gain understanding of the area.

Perspectives are different based on a person’s background, experience, family order, male, female and about 100k other things.  Kristin’s perspectives about the Angle reflect her deep experience and worldly views.  The article is well written and well received from many countries.  Thank you Kristin for sharing with others a piece of Lake of the Woods that is in many of our hearts, the NW Angle.

Click Here to View the Article in BBC Travel, “The US Land Lost in Canada”



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