NW Angle Featured on MN Bound this Weekend

The NW Angle will be featured on Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound this Sunday evening on Minneapolis TV station, KARE11 at 10:30pm and again the following Saturday at 6:30pm.  Living in this remote part of Minnesota full of islands has it’s share of challenges and inconveniences,  however, the residents and resorts in this beautiful landscape are used to making things happen and finding a way.   A variety of aspects about life at the NW Angle will be looked at.   Join MN Bound host Travis Frank along with Joe Henry of Lake of the Woods Tourism and NW Angle guide and resident Dan Schmidt as they explore island life in the northernmost part of the Continental U.S.

What about things you take for granted each and every day? Like… a mailbox? Did you know a boat delivers the mail to one central location on Oak Island to those living on the islands? Plus, it doesn’t happen every day! The Angle also has the last one room school house in Minnesota, taught by the same woman for over 20 year! This and much more can be some of the experiences you will see on MN Bound Sunday evening.  Mark your calendars!

Travis Frank with a MuskieThe beautiful scenery of the Northwest Angle in Minnesota's Lake of the WoodsNW-Angle-resorts-sign-2

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