Pan Fried Pike

4 Northern Pike fillets
3 cups milk
2 tbsp salt
3 eggs
Oil for deep frying
2 cups cracker crumbs
1 cup flour
Salt and Pepper to taste
Fresh lemon

Soak the pike fillets in a mixture of 2 cups milk and salt for at least 2 hours. Pat dry. Heat the oil in a deep pan or skillet. Oil is ready when drops of water disappear instantly without smoking. Blend the eggs and remaining cup of milk. Mix the cracker meal, flour, salt and pepper on a large plate or bowl. Dip the pike in the egg mixture. Roll the fillet in the cracker meal. Carefully lay the fish in the hot oil. Do not turn the fish. When golden brown, remove and place on a paper towel. Serve with fresh lemon and tarter sauce, or Rhubarb relish.

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