Send Us Your Fish Pictures!

Here at Lake of the Woods we love fishing. We also love seeing pictures of people enjoying our great resource. So send us over your big fish, little fish, funny, quirky, sunrise, sunrise, pictures from your stay at Lake of the Woods. We would love to see them and so would anglers just like yourself.

We have multiple avenues for you to reach us. The best one is facebook. You can follow Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau. From here you can share posts to our page where others will be able to see your pictures and posts. If we like it we may choose to share it to our large following or even feature you in many of the articles or posts we do throughout the year. Another great place is to tag us on Instagram with the handle Walleyecapital or the hashtag #lakeofthewoods or #walleyecapital. You can also find us on twitter at @walleyecapital.

You can also always send us a email at We hope to see your pictures and happy fishing.

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