Snowmobile Trails Are Open (and a Hidden Gem!)



In these parts, we get a lot of attention for the world class fishing.  What we don’t receive a lot of attention for is our incredible snowmobile trails.

If you like to snowmobile, just think about this…

-There are staked and groomed snowmobile trails extending from Wheeler’s Point south to Baudette on the Rainy River, 42 miles north to the NW Angle and west to Warroad.

-There are 273 miles of land trails on the south end of Lake of the Woods alone.

-They extend from Baudette east to Birchdale and then to Big Falls.  This is probably the most wilderness type trail in the state.  It goes for 87 miles one way and only crosses two roads.  There are gas stations in        Birchdale and in Big Falls.  The stretch from Birchdale to Big Falls is 53 miles.

-They also extend west from Baudette to Williams, Zippel Bay State Park and over to Warroad.  You can also go south from on that trail and hit Roosevelt and enter part of Beltrami Island State Forest.

-They also extend from Baudette south all the way to Washkish.

-Don’t forget about the NW Angle.  Land trails extend through the wilderness from Angle Inlet throughout the northernmost point of the continental U.S.

We appreciate all who are responsible for our great snowmobile trails!  

In addition to local snowmobile clubs take great pride in opening and maintaining trails by grooming weekly, many make our snowmobiling so quality.  Some of the trails on this map are funded by the DNR through the Grant-in-Aid program using license fees and gas tax monies. The State of Minnesota, Lake of the Woods County, Koochiching County, Roseau County and private landowners are the people that make our trails possible. Trails cross property of many private citizens, as well as lands which are administered by various levels of government. We owe the landowners our thanks and must respect their property.

Snowmobile Shelters.

There are seven different shelters available to snowmobilers along the trail.  These are for both safety and an area to take a break, warm up or simply regroup with your party.

7 Mile Shelter:  7 miles south of Baudette at trail junction.


Pitt Y Shelter:  10 miles south of Pitt at trail junction.


Graceton Shelter:  Between Williams and Baudette.


Floyd Olson Shelter:  On the Floyd Olson Trail up to Rocky Point and Long Point.


Twin Pines Shelter:  Approximately 35 miles SE of town.


County Line Shelter:  20 miles south on the LoW / Beltrami County line.


Garden Island Shelter:  Located on Garden Island.
Snowmobile Trail Maps.  
In these parts, ice fishing gets most of the attention, and for good reason.  After all, we are The Walleye Capital of the World.  A little secret, the snowmobiling is world class.  Because we don’t get a ton of snowmobilers like other more snowmobile popular areas, the trails aren’t beat down so hard.  This leads to some awesome snowmobiling amongst some of the most beautiful scenery found anywhere.
If you are interested in snowmobiling Lake of the Woods, check out one of our over 60 options for lodging.
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If you are a snowmobiler, we encourage you to try the Lake of the Woods area for a change of pace.  We like to call it a hidden gem!
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