Species of Fish Caught on Lake of the Woods

Joe Henry-Sauger

Species of Fish caught on Lake of the Woods are many. The area’s trademark is “Walleye Capital of the World”. Yes, the renown walleye is the prime target of fishing on this great expanse of Lake of the Woods and its popularity keeps growing. Not only is it a fun catch, but it’s probably the best eating fish there is. It is a medium-sized fish with big, marble-like eyes and a white spot on the lower tip of its tail. Average length is 15 inches. Trophy walleye are considered


28-32 inches.

The next Specie of Fish is the Walleye’s first cousin, the Sauger. Also in abundance in Lake of the Woods, they are often mistaken for walleye.  Saugers are long and thin with dark gray or brown on their backs, dark spots and orange metallic sheen on their sides, a pale underbelly and a forked tail with a pale streak on the bottom edge. Average length is 12 inches; 16-18 inches is considered large.

Northern Pike

Northern Pike is a Specie of Fish that  is a long, toothy fish, with a head shaped like a large duck bill. They are often mistaken for muskellunge but tend to have lighter spots on a darker body. They have mostly light yellow or silver markings on a dark olive body. Average length is 26 inches up to 40 inches. The fish is known for its many bones, but when filleted right, they are very good eating fish.

Yellow Perch

A Specie of Fish, the Yellow Perch has been showing up in these waters. It is a small fish that is usually yellow with wide dark bands running down the sides. Average length is 6 inches, reaching 12-13 inches. Also this is a very good eating fish.


Now here is a crazy looking fish. It is the Burbot or Eelpout. It is an ugly looking fish and very slimy, however, in years past, it was harvested for its medicinal qualities of its oil. A local company in Baudette discovered that when processed it had qualities to help stomach disorders and the making of prenatal vitamins. Anglers can catch this fish, who is a great fighter, but usually do catch and release. When cleaned and cooked the right way, it has been known to be called the “poor man’s lobster”. While listing only a few, there are many other Species of Fish in Lake


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