Spring’s Awesome Display of Beautiful Birds

Spring is on the way and it’s exciting to see the return of many species of birds that inhabit the Lake of the Woods area.Of course, everyone is excited to see the beautiful robin show up in our yards, but my favorite thing is to see the beautiful white sea gulls come back to our area.

Yes, sea gulls! Lake of the Woods is the largest fresh water lake in the glaucous winged gull rwd1contiguous United States next to the great lakes. I keep putting this message out there because Lake of the Woods is still elusive to many vacationers. Travel north as far as you can go in Minnesota and find this beautiful body of water. On the US side, Big Traverse is the large basin of the lake where you can’t even see land on the other side.

That’s why the sea gulls think it’s a sea!! These birds flock to this destination in the spring as do many many varieties of birds. They are scavengers and noisy, but are a beautiful sight. Avid bird watchers come to this area to explore and watch for their favorite birds.

Another favorite sight in the spring is traveling on Hwy 72 driving north springand coming to the wild rice paddies. Farmers are start flooding their fields and the beautiful snow geese and swans start arriving to see if they can feast on the food in that water supply. What a sight!!

Okay, maybe this is my favorite sight. The Lake of the Woods area is one of only three places in Minnesota that the American White Pelican springwill nest. Clementson Rapids, 6 miles east of Baudette, is one of the finest displays of beauty and this location lures great numbers of these fine birds in its waters.

Many visitors stop and watch as the stunning birds swim up current to catch those fish that have just come down the rapids during the spring run. They often sun on the monstrous rocks there and photographers take advantage of snapping shots at these mammoth birds!! A sheer sight to behold.

Clementson Falls in the spring is a favorite spot to visit anyway to locals and travelers alike. It is located just inside of Koochiching County. It started as a wayside rest but has been upgraded to be a beautiful park area on both side of the rapids. Our local Rotary Club has taken it upon themselves to beautify the area and adorn it with nice picnic table and benches.  This is the pelican 1site of many wedding pictures, graduation pictures and rock climbers. A must see when coming to Lake of the Woods.

It’s here that those monstrous pelicans feast nearly all summer. A person can get within 6 feet of those birds at the rapids and watch their fish catching and eating. Across the bay you will see the whole flock of about 40 birds. They are amazing and beautiful.

By boat and along shorelines you can find many other birds to feast your eyes on. Canadian Geese, Tundra Swans, Great Blue Herons, Mallards and Common Loons are in abundance. Double-crested Cormorants, and four species of gulls and terns can be found on the many islands that dot the lake. Don’t forget our Minnesota State Bird, the beautiful Loon, whose song can be heard early morning and evening.


Piping Plover

Pine and Curry Islands host the endangered Piping Plover and have been designated a state Scientific and Natural Area. Visitors are still invited to stop on the island to walk the beautiful sandy beach and watch these tiny birds scurry across the land.

Almost 300 species of birds nest here and can be seen and heard in any season of the year. Pine to Prairie Birding Trail  is a unique partnership between the NW Minnesota communities of Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Pelican Rapids, Roseau, Thief River Falls, & Warroad. Bird-watching has become a national obsession and is one of the country’s fastest growing hobbies

sandhillcrane2As you travel the roads of Lake of the Woods you will often see something huge standing in the fields. What you are seeing are pairs of sand hill cranes. They seem to love this land and many many pairs live in this area.

The most beautiful and stunning bird is the American Bald Eagle. springThey have claimed Lake of the Woods as their home where they stay all year round.  You are often able to see their gigantic nests high in the treetops while driving down the road. It is a special treat to view this stunning bird sitting alongside the roadways feasting on an unfortunate animal that has been killed by a car. It’s another amazing experience to come along side of that bird as he takes flight and spreads his wings right in front of you.

Other birds of prey that return in the spring are the Osprey, Northern Harrier, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Red Tailed Hawk, American Kestrel, Merlin, Peregrine Falcon, and Turkey Vulture. The sight of a Great Gray or Snowy Owl, or crow-sized Pileated Woodpecker is a thrill for any bird lover.

Spring’s ambassador is the Red Wing Blackbird, followed by sparrows, warblers, robins, vireos, orioles, finches, grosbeaks, magpies, and humming birds. Their activities and songs continue into late fall. Check out www.birding-minnesota.com or check out the MNDNR birding lists!

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