St. Paul Ice Fishing Show… Thanks for Stopping By

Ice anglers are absolutely ready for this year’s ice fishing season to begin.  Without a doubt, the most popular question asked at the show was, “When will you have ice?”  We are hoping with colder temps this weekend and the fact we are as far north in the Continental United States as you can travel without being in Canada, it will be soon!

The show was busy to say the least.  Over 10,000 people came through the doors on Saturday alone.  Many anglers were carrying new tools for the trade including power ice augers, new electronics, fishing rods and a variety of ice fishing lures.  Many were certainly interested in talking Lake of the Woods fishing.

We are seeing a good number of fish in the basin of Big Traverse Bay as well as up at the NW Angle.  We are definitely ready for ice.

Thank you to all who stopped by the Lake of the Tourism booth to say hello.  So many great people.

One of the folks who stopped by and did a quick interview as Jeff “Jiggy” Andersen who is an Ice Team Pro and host of the new 4th quarter ice fishing show, “Across the Ice Belt”.  See the interview below.

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