State Parks are Beautiful at Lake of the Woods

State Parks are beautiful and number as high as 75 in Minnesota, however, Lake of the Woods is home to many beautiful areas to explore.

state parks beautiful shoreline

The Shoreline at Zippel Bay State Park

It’s time to get outdoors and get some fresh air and sit and enjoy the beauty of creation as it comes to life in the springtime.  Zippel Bay State Park is a beautiful spot to visit at any season, but springtime has special beauty.

With miles of groomed trails, you will enjoy wildflowers peeking through the undergrowth and the aspens and birch trees coming alive with their bright green leaves and beautiful white bark.  This State Park is located at 3684 54th Avenue Northwest, Williams, MN 56686 on Hwy #8 northwest of Baudette.  Currently during Covid-19, state parks are only open to day visits until May 31st but that is a great opportunity to take the family on a walking tour.

The State Park at Zippel Bay is also known for its sandy beach reaching out into Lake of the Woods. It’s a perfect place for children to build sand castles and explore the shoreline. The bay itself is very shallow there so it is the best place for visitors to swim and walk out a long distance. You may obtain a State Park Sticker online before you visit or right at the entrance. A great family experience while practicing social distancing.

Zipple Bay State Park also manages the Blueberry Hill and Faunce campgrounds inside the Beltrami Island State Forest. For information on these units, please contact the Zippel Bay State Park office at (218) 783-6252. Blueberry Hill State Forest is located 3.5 miles west of Williams on the south side of Highway 11 and is one of the highest points of elevation in the county.

Other state parks in the area include an excursion by boat to the northernly Garden Island on Lake of the Woods.

State Parks

Garden Island State Park

Boat docks and picnic grounds are available three seasons of the year. Here you can explore and do some walleye fishing and even enjoy a shore lunch on these beautiful grounds. Here’s a link to see what you can expect. Don’t forget that if you’re a birding fanatic, you  are able to see many species at this untouched landscape.

Venture to the northland very soon to enjoy the rich beauty spring offers in state parks. Come to Lake of the Woods, MN. For more information and lodging availability, please see out website at  Feast your eyes on the beauty nature has to offer.

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