The Most Northerly Golf Course in the Continental U.S.

The next time you are up at Lake of the Woods, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to throw in the clubs.  In addition to the very nice 18 hole Oak Harbor Golf Course located just north of Baudette on the Rainy River, there is a very unique and also very nice 9 hole golf course located at the NW Angle called the NW Angle Country Club.  Why is this course unique, well, there are a number of fun reasons.

First off, $10 will get you green fees for 9 holes.  And as the owner George Risser mentioned, “If nobody is in the clubhouse, just leave your money with a neighbor and take care of the course.  There have been times when nobody is around that folks just went golfing and that’s fine too.”  Risser simply wants people to enjoy a good round of golf up at the NW Angle.

The course has 2 grass greens and 7 sand greens.  The sand is local sand and is firm so you can actually putt on it.  As Risser says, “Sometimes it isn’t as smooth as the grass so you have to hit the ball a bit harder.”  Everyone is putting on the same green so it is equal across the board.  There is an etiquette to using sand greens that is good to know.  A special two sides rake is used to groom the green.  One side of the rake is toothed to create grooves in the sand.  The other side is smooth to create a smooth putting surface to the hole.


Two holes border the water, holes #4 and #5.  The scenery on this course cannot be beat.  And neither can the hospitality.  Angle Inlet, MN is a small community and having a golf course is a privilege.  There are leagues, tournaments, etc just like a normal golf course.

The course rents clubs, has balls and tees and actually has two golf carts for rent that they keep in the storage sheds across the road.  “Everyone is welcomed” explains Risser, who is retired and takes good care of the course for all to enjoy.

The next time your adventure takes you close to the area, consider an afternoon of golf.  After all, how many people can say they have golfed the most northerly course in the Continental U.S. and have putted on sand greens!

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