Trophy Walleyes in Abundance

Trophy walleyes were in abundance on this particular Saturday, but if you weren’t fishing out of a Warrior Boat, you could not be in the tournament!  It was the 4th Annual David A. Andersen Warrior Boat tournament held out of Wigwam Resort on Lake of the Woods.  70 two person teams teams competed using the AIM format of CRR or Catch, Record, Release.  That meant every fish caught, regardless of size, could be an entry.  With this format, when a walleye is caught, one digital photo is taken with the fish on an official ruler, the other as a hero shot showing the side of the fish so the fish can be identified and not used again.

Team fishing out of Warrior boats came from the five state area and were rewarded for their attendance.  Many big walleyes were caught with the winning team of Jim and Dodi Huston weighing in 5 walleyes for over 50 lbs!  David A. Andersen Memorial Tournament, Lake of the Woods


I spoke with Kent Andersen, National Sales Manager for Warrior Boats and also a son of David Andersen.  I asked him what sets Warrior boats apart.  “Ride, tracking and how dry the ride is.  The boat is truly built by fisherman, people who are actually using the product, not an engineer who doesn’t fish in these conditions.  Warrior is considered the fisherman’s boat.  From the people who build them to management to customers.  Normally hard core anglers.”

“Although this event is a tournament, it is almost looked at more as a family reunion.  Everyone wants to win but people also help others out if needed,” explained Andersen.

The Warrior Annual Dealer meeting took place Wednesday and Thursday.  “Really more of a dealer appreciation event.  Not a better place to treat dealers that Lake of the Woods.  Everyone caught a load of quality walleyes and were very happy.  Dealers, employees, reps, everyone caught a lot of big fish.”

Most anglers pulled crankbaits out in the deep mud or on the edge of reefs.  Some pulled spinners.  Everyone caught walleyes!

2019 results, Warrior boat walleye tournament, Lake of the Woods MNResults, Warrior Boat tournament, Lake of the Woods MN

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