Walleye Wars: Devils Lake vs Lake of the Woods

It’s Devils Lake vs Lake of the Woods.  It’s North Dakota vs Minnesota.  It’s Walleye Wars and it’s ON!  Mark your calendars for the inaugural Walleye Wars Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 from 9am – 4pm.  In one fish house on Devils Lake will be Tanner Cherney of Devils Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau.  In another fish house somewhere on Lake of the Woods will be Joe Henry, Executive Director of Lake of the Woods Tourism.  This one day event will certainly be on the radar screens of many ice anglers.Sunset lodge fish house, NW Angle, Lake of the Woods

The Walleye Wars event will be broadcast with a series of Facebook Live posts.  Devils Lake will broadcast on the Devils Lake Facebook page on the half hour every hour between 9am and 4pm.  Lake of the Woods Tourism will broadcast on Facebook Live at the top of each hour during the same time frame.

In a nutshell, each fish house will be allowed four holes.  All fish will be kept track of but the most attention will be paid to walleyes.  Other species that could be caught are jumbo perch, saugers, pike, tulibees, eelpout and more.  BUCKET OF WALLEYE, SAUGERS

Both bodies of water have stellar reputations when it comes to catching walleyes through the ice.  The key will be who will be able to catch them when the pressure is on.

Both Cherney and Henry are no strangers when it comes to knowing how to ice walleyes.  Both fish on a regular basis.  The bigger question is where will they fish on their respective lakes and how will the fish cooperate on that one day.

Check out the two anglers discussing the event from the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show!

There will be some special guests throughout the day who will join each in the fish house.  In addition to the contest, the pair plan on sharing important info about each market, the lay of the land when it comes to ice fishing as well as the best baits and techniques to ice walleyes.

Although competitive, the two have become friends over the course of years seeing each other at sportshows and outdoor media events.  This event is more than bragging rights for a given day.  It is about a celebration of ice fishing, walleyes, two excellent Midwest walleye lakes and the entire culture around ice fishing in each respective market.

Joe Henry, Lake of the WoodsThe two are hoping to make January 3rd a very unproductive day at work for ice anglers across the U.S. as they check in often to each Facebook page throughout the day.


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