Waterfowl Hunting Off to Hot Start

Minnesota Waterfowl Fall 2016 opened  this past weekend. Lake of the Woods is heavily visited and hunted as it is a prime destination. Hunters used the multiple  bays and fields  in the area as many residential birds flocked over head. Canadian geese, mallards, teal, Blue Bills, and wood ducks are just a sample of the list that hunters bagged this weekend at the many locations Lake of the Woods has to offer. The weather has been perfect for duck and goose hunters with overcast and sometimes even a slight drizzle. Many limits were bagged over the last few days.

Points of interest: on the Rainy River is 4 Mile Bay, then you head west on the South Shore towards Bostic Bay, Zippel Bay, and Swift Ditch, which all offer great cover, the rest is located north to the NW Angle to hunt points off the main land, as well as many bays and points of islands. Geese hunters sat in blinds located in fields or swamp marshes. Hunters that were new to the area used our resorts as their personal guided outfitters to find that perfect niche. That’s right, resorts do not just cater to the angler. They are your one stop shop for all your outdoors-man (and women) wants and needs. Many resorts offer cast and blast opportunities. Check out our hot deals page here as deals pop up during the fall.  Check out our list of lodging facilities and find your perfect match on our LODGING PAGE.

**Remember!! Minnesota regulations require a seasonal license as well as Duck and Goose Stamps to legally hunt. Lake of the Woods is located in the North Zone. The season will run September 26-November 24th. Duck bag limits: 6 ducks daily; may not include more than any combination of the following: 4 mallards (2 hen mallard), 3 scaup, 3 wood ducks, 2 pintails, 2 redheads, 2 canvasbacks, 1 black duck. If not listed up to 6 ducks of a species may be taken. Coot and moorhen (gallinule) bag limits: Daily bag limit is 15. Shooting hours are the same as for the regular waterfowl season. Merganser bag limit: Daily bag limit is 5, no more than 2 of which may be a hooded merganser. The possession limit for all migratory birds is three times the daily bag limit. Goose bag limit is 3. Other information can be found on the MN DNR website HERE

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