Waterfowl Showing Up This Week

Fall is a confusing time for an outdoors person.  With walleye fishing in full swing and so many hunting opportunities, it is tough.  If you lean toward some wing shooting for waterfowl, the time is here.  In speaking to guides in the NW Angle, large numbers of ducks have increased dramatically.  There are a variety of ducks coming through.  Some puddle ducks and a number of diver ducks are coming through.  It should only get better over the next couple of weeks.

If you have interest in waterfowl hunting LOW, there are many viable options.  Some spots for starters…

-The Rainy River

-4 Mile Bay

-Bostic Creek

-Zippel Bay

-Swift Ditch

There are numerous spots to have a great duck hunt on LOW.  If you choose to have a guide, many resorts do guide.  Make a couple of phone calls and you will have some ideas.

Duck retrieveShooting ducks on 4 Mile BayPickup full of ducks and geese, Arnesen's, Oct 2015Waterfowl, NW Angle, Oct, 2015

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