Winter Season in Northern Minnesota

When the Winter Season in Northern Minnesota comes, many people from both outer Minnesota and out of state wonder what there is to do in the northern most part of the country.  Lake of the Woods and Baudette, Minnesota  is an international location and is considered to be a a winter season paradise. True…we are nearly 100 miles to the nearest Walmart, however, that doesn’t represent the great qualities of living in this great land.  First and foremost Lake of the Woods is the Walleye Capital of the World. It is a world renown fishery with great fishing year round. The waters are especially known for walleye, sauger, northern, smallmouth bass and muskies.

ice fishing and snowmobiling on the lake

The Winter Season upon us is ice fishing. The lake supports over 5,000 fish houses while sitting atop about 3.5 feet of ice mid-winter. If you haven’t ever had this experience, believe that is the best of times enjoying the great outdoors and seeing the giant expanse of the solid water of Lake of the Woods.

Snowmobiling through the forest areas

Snowmobile trails warming shacks and groomer.

Another Winter Season activity is Snowmobiling and is the next best activity in the area. Trails are staked, packed and groomed by experts in the field. Lake of the Woods Drifters and the Northwest Angle Edge Riders are two snowmobile clubs who have worked endlessly to give a grand experience. The Northern Connection Trail has been hewn out of miles and miles of forest areas around Baudette with warming shacks available throughout the ride. Beltrami State Forest features other trails through the famous Faunce Tower area where pioneers first settle this land. Resort owners and the Northwest Angle Edge Riders stake and mark trails all across the expanse of Lake of the Woods. Riders of all ages experience the ride from the south shore of Lake of the Woods to Oak Island and the Northwest Angle tallying 35-45 miles of wide open spaces across the ice. Snowmobile maps are available on our website at

Snowshoeing has become a very popular sport and our Lake of the Woods High School is the location of trails and equipment through lands around the school. Another great location to visit is Zippel Bay State Park where there are beautiful pines and birch trees and snow covered lanes.

Cross Country Skiing available on land and ice!

Speaking of Zippel  Bay State Park, those same lanes are groomed also for cross country skiing. A group of Zippel volunteers sponsor moonlight skiing a few times during the winter. No better way to enjoy the great outdoors than to tramp through forests with good friends and breathe in the fresh air of this northern Minnesota winter. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also healthy!!! Remember to enjoy any of these activities, find you lodging at numerous resorts who offer it all, as well as great food! Find your listing at  Come North!!!

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