Fishing Report 1.30.2024


Saugers and a Perch

On the south end…   A great week of ice fishing for most.  Good reports from a number of areas for some nice sized walleyes and saugers.

Resorts with day houses and sleeper fish houses will either transport you to the fish house or offer an ice road you can drive yourself.  Make sure you communicate with the resort or outfitter you are fishing with to understand weight restrictions of their ice road.  Each ice road can be different and have varying restrictions.

Most ice fishing on the south end of the lake is in 28 – 34 feet of water.  Jigging one line and using a live minnow on the second on a plain hook or an ice fishing jig has been effective.

On the jigging line, jigging spoons with rattles and lighted lures tipped with a full minnow or piece of a minnow have been catching good fish.  Colors such as gold, glow red, glow white, pink, and chartreuse, or a combo of these colors, have been good.

On the deadstick, a live minnow on a #4 or #6 plain hook, colored hook or a small ice jig six inches – one foot off of the bottom is effective.  Jig the deadstick on occasion to keep the minnow moving and to attract fish.

Walleyes, saugers, jumbo perch, pike, crappies, eelpout, tullibees and sturgeon in the mix.

On the Rainy River…  Most ice fishing is taking place on the lake.  There are a couple of resorts that have fish houses out for rent on the Rainy River.  Know ice conditions or work through a resort or outfitter for safety.

The best bite is still morning and evening with a jig and emerald shiner for walleyes and saugers.

Sturgeon fishing is a unique twist through the ice.  Larger holes, heavier tackle and the thrill of catching a fish of that size through the ice is unique.

Sturgeon seasons…
-Oct 1 – April 23, catch and release only, no tag needed
-April 24 – May 7, 1 per calendar year (fish must be 45-50″ inclusive, or over 75″)
-May 8 – 15, catch and release only
-May 16 – June 30, closed
July 1 – Sep 30, 1 per calendar year (fish must be 45-50″ inclusive, or over 75″)
Up at the NW Angle…   The walleyes were snappin up at the Angle this week.  Walleyes, saugers, jumbo perch, eelpout, pike and some big crappies in the mix.

Resorts are targeting structure in some areas and deeper mud flats in others.  One day the structure is better, the next day, deep mud.

Again, jigging one line and deadsticking the second line is the way to go.  The fish are down there and some days, if they are finicky, they really want the deadstick still.  Electronics will help see what their mood is each day.

The snowmobile trail from Four Mile Bay and Pine Island near the mouth of the Rainy River up to the NW Angle resorts is staked.  Please stay on the trail for safety.

Lodging, fish house rentals, ice fishing, and meal packages at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.

Need spur of the moment lodging, have a big group or want to know if any room for there is room for just one angler?  Email a number of resorts at once using the Lodging Availability Finder.  https://lakeofthewoodsmn.com/lodging-availability-request/

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