Fishing Report 11.28.2023

On the south end…   Ice is forming nicely on most areas of Lake of the Woods.  With that being said, it is going to take some time before it is safe.  Resort ice guides and various outfitters are patiently waiting to get out and check ice.
Back bays have locked up first as they are out of the wind.  Despite some good wind this past week, the lake is still covered with ice for miles, but open water still appears, which is common during ice formation. This is a good start and Mother Nature will determine when it is ready.  That time is not yet, but it is coming.
Resorts and outfitters are ready to start marking trails on the ice once they feel conditions are right.  When it is time to get out on the ice, we encourage working through resorts and outfitters and staying on marked trails for safety.
On the Rainy River…   The Rainy River is ice covered.  Cold temps this past week locked it up with ice and the hopes are to build upon what has started.
Until ice up, there were a few hardcore anglers jigging with emerald shiners from about 12 – 24 feet of water catching some nice walleyes.  For those who ice fish the river, anticipation for a good ice fishing season is high.
The ice is not walkable yet.  Extreme caution is always needed on ice, especially on a river with current.  When the ice is thick enough, the snowmobile trail from Baudette to Wheeler’s Point will be staked.  When that trail is marked and ready, we encourage staying on the trail for safety.
Some resorts will set fish houses out in areas of the Rainy River they check and monitor for safe ice.  Work through a resort or outfitter for safety.


NW Angle Ice at Mergen’s Bay

Up at the NW Angle…  The waters around the many islands of the NW Angle are now ice, with patches of open water from wind, neck down areas, and current.  Ice is forming nicely and resorts are ready to get out.
It is always safety first and when they feel it is right, ice guides from area resorts will get out and check ice thickness and eventually start marking trails.  When that time is here that ice fishing has begun, we will get the word out.  That time is not yet.
Fall fishing was strong up at the NW Angle and ice anglers are optimistic about the coming ice fishing season.
Swing by the Lake of the Woods Tourism booth at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show Dec 1 – 3, 2023 and say hello.  Pick up the latest visitor guide, sign up to win an ice fishing trip and let’s talk LOW ice fishing!
Lodging, fish house rentals, ice fishing, and meal packages for the upcoming ice fishing season at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.
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