Geocaching is a new spin on an ageless passion – treasure hunting! Zippel Bay and Franz Jevne State Parks are participants in the Minnesota State Parks Geocaching Wildlife Safari. Bring your own GPS, or purchase one at a local store. This fun activity gets the family exploring off the beaten path. Once you find the cache, sign the logbook. If there’s treasure you can take it, as long as you replace it with something else. When you get home, log on to geocaching.com and share your experience.


geocaching-call-of-flowers-300x188There are just four easy steps to geocaching! 1. Get the cache coordinates. Find the coordinates/waypoints on the MNDNR website, and enter them into your hand-held GPS unit. 2. Locate the cache. Use your GPS to follow the track in relation to the actual location of the cache. Keep a sharp eye out! Sometimes they blend into their surroundings, and other times you don’t even know you’re looking at it. 3. Take or leave a treasure. The cache is typically in a waterproof container, such as an ammo can. “Treasures” are placed inside, feel free to take it and leave another, take a picture, or just sign the log in and leave it as is. 4. Share your experience. As mentioned before, you can share the fun, hunting tips, and more on geocaching. com. Read what other hunters have to say too!

There are also some general rules and ethics to follow when geocaching. Please respect the terrain you are treading on. Try to minimize the impact of the environment, all caches in every state park have been placed above ground and in relatively well traveled areas. Also, do not remove or relocate the cache, leave it as you found it. Know the park rules and regulations of the park you are hunting in. Be considerate to others and the land and park. Above all, have fun!

****The City of Baudette Office has GPS rentals avaiable with a complete list of all geo-sites in LOW County! Call 218-634-1850 for more information.

Lean more about geocaching in Minnesota State Parks at MN DNR

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