Great Access Points Along the Rainy River

Looking for a great adventure? Come to Lake of the Woods in the fall and fish the Rainy River. Along this river you will find great access points. Rainy River is the border that separates the United State from Canada in Minnesota. It’s a huge and beautiful river that flows from Rainy Lake near International Falls to the big basin of Lake of the Woods. The nicole and matt stone fall rainy river walleye 103122fall of the year finds anglers fishing these waters for trophy walleyes.

It serves to mention here that the Rainy River regulations in the fall state that fishing is only catch and release, so bring that camera to record your great catch.rainy river aerial view

Great access points for anglers fishing the Rainy River in the fall are a great way to take a break, pick up lunch or some snacks for the boat. Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River are serviced by a number of beautiful river access points.  The closest access to Four Mile Bay, Pine Island and Big Traverse is at Wheeler’s Point.

The MN DNR maintains this access and it is like a four lane highway for boats to be launched. During tournaments, a spectator will be amazed at the hundreds of boats with contestants from all parts of the country waiting in their boats like horses in stanchions before they depart on their race. Wheeler’s Point river access is the headquarters.

We’re starting our tour of river access points here because as the waters cool, walleyes move in from the big waters and are found in shallower depths along Pine Island, etc. Then another illusive phenomenon happens. A small fish called the emerald shiner moves up the Rainy River to do its spawning.

The emerald shiner is one of hundreds of emerald shiner 4 sizesmall, silvery, slender fish species known as shiners. The identifying characteristic of the emerald shiner is the silvery emerald color on its sides. It can grow to 3.5 inches in length and is found acrossemerald shiner 5 schools North America from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, commonly in large, deep lakes and rivers, though sometimes in smaller bodies of water as well. It feeds on small organisms such as zooplankton and insects, congregating in large groups near the surface of the water. It is a quite common fish and is often used as a bait fish.

The next public accesses on the Rainy are located in the town of Baudette. Near the Canadian Border crossing, you will find a popular public dock at the rest area known as Peace Park. There is a boat ramp with ample parking for boats and trailers at this site.

Moving into the center of town on the Baudette Bay is a boat dock where you can tie up your boat and walk up Willie Walleye Hill to get a coffee or find groceries and supplies at the local grocery store.

At the eastern side of Baudette at Timbermill Park you will find a great place to dock your boat and again there is plenty of parking area available.

access pointsMoving to the east six miles from Baudette crossing into Koochiching County is Vidas Landing, a beautiful public access point that sees a lot of travel. About 11 miles to the east is Frontier Landing with fire rings, rest rooms and the availability of camping right at the access. It’s not unusual to see vehicles with boat trailers lining the roads for quite a distance at these access points. However, it’s worth the walk to fish this river.

Further down Hwy 11 at the town Birchdale, Nelson Park is located on the road traveling north off of Hwy 11. Hereaccess points again, you’ll find a great access point for your boat and the campground is one of the most beautiful spots along the river. (Be sure to stop in to the Birchdale Store while in the area. It is probably one of the most unique country stores to be found in the state.)

The enclosed photo is a great diagram of the access points in the area. Like walleyes follow the shiners up river in the fall to get their fill of their favorite food, you can also follow the Rainy for the river fishing while you are able to access that river in many many spots.  Come north, enjoy the beauty and stay at a beautiful resort to make your fall experience complete.

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