Cross Country Skiing in Lake of the Woods

danielleabel-cross-country-skiing-200x300Zipple Bay State Park, located 10 miles northeast of Williams, maintains over 12 miles of groomed ski trails during the winter months. The trails wind through scenic areas of vast stands of pine, spruce and birch trees. You can enjoy the gently sloping topography of the park. Seasonal ski passes may be obtained by calling 888-646-6367, or you may purchase your season pass in person at Zippel Bay State Park. Starting in February, a moonlight ski is planned each month, offering an incredible view of the moonlit trails.

Zippel Bay State Park information available.

Ski Trail maps and other trails available HERE

Ski Pass Information

All cross-country Zippel-CC-trailskiers on ski trails in State Parks or Forests, or on State or Grant-in-Aid Trails, who are aged 16 and above, must have a Minnesota Ski Pass. You must sign your ski pass and carry it with you when skiing. Your ski pass fee helps support Minnesota’s cross-country ski trail system.

Ski Pass Rates

  • Daily ski pass: $10
  • One-season ski pass: $25
  • Three-season ski pass: $75

Purchasing a Ski Pass

Minnesota State Parks:
You will be able to purchase a daily pass in person at all parks except Carley, Crosby Manitou, Monson, or Schoolcraft State Parks.

Self-registration for daily, annual and three-year ski passes will be available in parks with ski trails this winter. A mail-in envelope and an application will be provided for the purchaser. Payment or credit card information, along with a signature and personal information, will be required from the purchaser. The purchaser will retain a receipt until the ski pass arrives in the mail.

By phone

Call 1-888-MNLICENse (1-888-665-4236) to buy a daily, one-season, or three-season ski pass. It’s instant and easy. Have your date of birth, driver’s license and credit card (Discover, MasterCard or Visa) ready when you call. (There is a $3.50 processing fee for this convenience.)

Zippel Bay State Park is located at the following address:

3684 54th Ave NW
Williams, MN 56686
For more infocontact:Doug Easthouse, (218) 647-8592 or by email at bigbog.statepark@state.mn.us.

To order additional information Click Here or call 1-800-382-FISH.

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