Minnesota’s northernmost scenic drive travels from Voyageurs National Park along the Canadian border. Ideal for motorcycling, anglers, boaters, birders and wildflower lovers, the route runs along the Rainy River from International Falls to Baudette, through fields of lady’s slippers from Baudette to Warroad, and along the Pine to Prairie Birding Trail west of Warroad. ZippelBay State Park has a 3-mile long beach on Lake of the Woods. This massive lake is known for its fishing, as is the Rainy River. The roadside between Baudette and Warroad blooms with wildflowers, and the area west of Warroad is part of the Pine to Prairie Birding Trail. The western end of the byway heads north on Hwy. 59 to Lake Bronson State Park. Numerous resorts surround Voyageurs National Park and Lake of the Woods, two of the route’s key attractions. The “Dancing Sky” refers to the aurora borealis, or northern lights, which frequently appear in the area thanks to its far-northern location and absence of bright city lights. 

Chartered fishing trips are a huge advantage for motorcycle enthusiasts. Booking a chartered fishing trip with one of our many resorts is a blast in itself. Charter fishing trips include all the gear you may need while fishing. Guides supple boats, poles, tackle, bait, and more. The only thing you need to pack is clothes for the different types of weather. All you have to do is get there! The northwest angle is also within reach by motorcycle. Driving through Canada to the northwest angle is also a beautiful drive with great scenery.


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