Spring Fishing on the Rainy River

In the northland, there is about 30 inches of ice on the lake, huge snowbanks everywhere, ice houses and snowmobiles traveling the roads, but the sun is shining brightly and it has the hint of Spring Fishing on the Rainy River.  Yes, Rainy River creates the spring river walleyeborder between Minnesota and  Canada. Its wide expanse and the swift current makes for great adventures on this water. The Rainy flows from Rainy Lake in the east at Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada and International Falls, MN.  It meanders over small rapid areas and around a few islands to make it to its destination in Lake of the Woods. The Minnesota Department of Resources along with the counties of Koochiching and Lake of the Woods maintain small rest areas, parks and landings where anglers can launch their boats or visitors can just enjoy the beauty of the river and possibly cook a hot dog over the provided fire pits in an area complete with shelters and picnic tables.access points along Rainy River

Spring Fishing on the Rainy River is an experience of a lifetime. Shiner minnows swim upstream to spawn and the walleyes follow them into the frigid waters. Lunkers galore show up on angler’s lines for the thrill of landing a trophy fish. During this early “ice out” season, timing only Mother Nature knows, anglers come dressed in their snowmobile suits sometimes having to push their boats over iced landing areas. It’s not unreasonable to see giant ice formations along the shores on both sides of the river. A sight to behold!Rainy River Ice Chunks

Spring Fishing on the Rainy River has some new limits though. During this season anglers must only practice Catch and Release. The MN DNR imposed these limits so that the population of walleye and especially saugers is sustainable.  Another feature of the Rainy River is the incredible sturgeon. Anglers come from all over the world to catch one of these prehistoric monsters, at times over 100 lbs! The sturgeon fishery is healthy and anglers often boat multiple fish per day. Check out regulations on our website at www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com.sturgeon in Rainy River

Here’s another interesting perk to the spring fishing season. More times than not, there is still ice on the lake. Ice houses can remain on the ice in this borderland until March 31st, however, the fishing season doesn’t end until the second weekend in April. Now anglers can go between fishing on the river to fishing on the ice in the same day. The hint here is to bring your sunscreen and your sunglasses!! Enjoy every season you’re in, but look forward to a season of Spring Fishing on the Rainy River in 2020. Check out our website at www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com/lodging to make your reservations now!

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