Visit Us at the 2024 St. Cloud Sportsmen’s Show

Lake of the Woods Tourism Visitor Guide_2020If you happen to be in central MN the weekend of February 9-11, 2024, stop by the St. Cloud Sportsmen’s Show at the River’s Edge Convention Center and say hello.  Joe Henry with Lake of the Wood Tourism will be available to chat anything Lake of the Woods!  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the lake, different methods of fishing, what resorts might fit your group the best, etc.

While at the St. Cloud Sportsmen’s Show, pick up the New Official Lake of the Woods Visitor Guide and of course, let’s talk Lake of the Woods fishing, resorts, NW Angle, spring fishing, sturgeon and everything else that makes Lake of the Woods a special place.

In addition, register to win a 3 night, 2 day fishing trip at Ballard’s Resort located on the banks of the Rainy River.  This summer trip is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to relaxation, natural beauty and some incredible fishing.

For some anglers, the focus will still be talking ice fishing as fish houses can be left on the lake overnight through March 31st, a bit longer than most of MN as we are border water with Canada.  The walleye/sauger season continues through April 14th on Lake of the Woods which  extends the ice fishing season on Lake of the Woods.
sportsshowposter ballards 2024 pdf

Ice fishing is still going strong on Lake of the Woods.  Get the latest conditions and report while at the show.

Joe will also be giving seminars this year.  One is Master’s Level:  Pulling Spinners for Walleyes.  The second seminar is titled, Multispecies Fishing Success on Any Body of Water.

If you are a deer hunter, Dan Stefanich with Dan Stef Outdoors will be sharing some super helpful intel.  His two seminars are titled Deer Hunting Tactics -What Every Hunter Should Know & Advanced Tips and Tactics for Whitetail Hunters.

Many anglers are looking forward to the spring run of walleyes on the Rainy River.   Typically the Rainy River starts to open up east of Baudette towards the middle or end of March.  Only Mother Nature knows when this will happen but when it does, it can be world class fishing for big female walleyes.

Walleyes from a good portion of Lake of the Woods will make their way to spawning grounds up river.  Imagine, all of these walleyes constricted into a relatively small river.   This can lead to some epic walleye fishing and of course memories.  The Rainy River and Four Mile Bay is catch and release only for walleyes and saugers from March 1 – April 14.  Most anglers don’t mind as it is a chance to splash their boat and fish walleyes for the first time of the year.  It is also a chance to catch a walleye of a lifetime!

There will also be anglers wanting to chat about big pike in March or possibly catching them when the ice goes out as the pike season never closes on Lake of the Woods and that lends itself to some nice opportunities.  Lake of the Woods is a trophy pike lake with many fish caught over 40″.sturgeon

It won’t be long and anglers will also be targeting Lake Sturgeon on the Rainy River.  This fish that dates back to the prehistoric times is a handful of fun and a blast to catch.  Anglers will be fishing sturgeon up and down the Rainy River as well as in Four Mile Bay.  Many skip the walleyes and focus on the sturgeon.  It is fun fishing too.  Basically anchored up near a hole in the river fishing night crawlers on the bottom.

Dan Stefanich, Dan Stef Outdoors, trophy buck deer huntingIn addition to Lake of the Woods, the St. Cloud Sportsmen’s Show will have a large selection of fishing tackle retailers, boats, trailers, resorts, etc.  The River’s Edge Convention Center is located right in the downtown area of St. Cloud on the shores of the mighty Mississippi River.

The show starts Friday at noon and continues until 5pm on Sunday.  Parking is easy and this is a great show.   Click Here for complete details.



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