All are Welcome to Angle Days 2019 August 2-4

If you haven’t been there, it is one of the most beautiful areas on earth.  If you have been there, there is a good chance you continue to return.  The NW Angle and Islands area is the northernmost point of the contiguous U.S.  It is the start of the 14,552 islands that make this area special.  Yes, the geography, sheer beauty and wide variety of wildlife is incredible.  But there is an angle in these parts some don’t see that is also very special, the people and the culture.  The 2019 Angle Days is a great way to experience this.

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As a smaller community made up of about 150 year round residents between Angle Inlet, MN and the islands in the area, folks here are very self sufficient and tend to lend a helping hand to a neighbor when needed.  In a remote environment that can be harsh at times when the weather whips up, this is how people survive and get by without all of the conveniences of a conventional city.

It is with this spirit that welcomes all to the 2019 Angle Days August 2-4.  The activities are numerous and all are welcome.

This event has something for everyone.  Maybe you are interested in a fishing derby or an epic fish fry.  There will also be a hotdish competition and homemade blueberry pie contest with freshly picked NW Angle blueberries.  There will be live music, beer tasting, quilt raffle, flea market and so much more!

Angle Days hotdish competition, Lake of the WoodsAngle Days fishing derby, Lake of the WoodsTrash to Treasure contest, NW Angle, Lake of the WoodsBlueberry pie contest, Angle Days, NW Angle, Lake of the WoodsQuilt raffle, Angle Days, NW AngleFlea Market, Angle Days, NW AngleFish Fry, Angle Days, NW Angle, Lake of the WoodsBeer tasting, Angle Days, NW Angle, Lake of the WoodsWalleye Ball, Angle Days, NW Angle, Lake of the Woods


Remember, everyone is welcome to the 2019 Angle Days.  What a fun weekend.  Maybe even mix in a bit of fishing?  If you have never been to the NW Angle, check out directions here.  And there are over a dozen lodging facilities to stay if you are interested.  Fishing is excellent in this part of Lake of the Woods.  Bring your own boat, rent a boat or jump in with a guide for a real adventure.

Summer goes fast in MN.  Community festivals are certainly part of MN and part of summer.  If you have some free time in your schedule the weekend of August 2-4, 2019, consider celebrating this unique and beautiful part of the world.


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Click Here for a list of Lake of the Woods Lodging.

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