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As another ice fishing season begins, anglers, snowmobilers, and resorters alike are encouraged to use the Keep it Clean dumpsters placed at local landings and convenient locations. This will be the beginning of Keep it Clean’s 3rd season.

Description: Keep It Clean is an organization which was created by a group of local stakeholders including:

Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau


Soil and Water Conservation

Lake of the Woods County

Friends of Zippel Bay State Park

Mission Statement:

Keep It Clean was created to protect, maintain and promote cleanliness for the beautiful landscape, water resources and shorelines of Lake of the Woods as a special place for everyone to visit and enjoy.

Check out this quick video about Keep It Clean at Lake of the Woods.

Keep It Clean dumpsters for trash removal:

Beginning mid-December, there will be 6 dumpsters located along the south shore of Lake of the woods at strategic locations convenient for ice anglers. Locations include two dumpsters at the Wheeler’s Point Access (this is placed for the Adrian’s Resort road), Cyrus Resort, Zippel Bay Resort, Arnesen’s Rocky Point,  Babbler’s Road, Swift Ditch, and the Point in Warroad.

Highlights during the past year:

-Over 2,000 Keep It Clean stickers distributed to local businesses

-45 Keep It Clean signs placed

-A robust PR campaign to get the word out

14.5 miles of shoreline clean up with the assistance of the MN Conservation Corps and the MN DNR

-7 County dumpsters placed strategically at popular ice road accesses

-Dumpsters were dumped 135 times totaling 500 cubic tons or nearly 90 tons of garbage

Ice anglers on Lake of the Woods are encouraged to collect all garbage and remove it from the ice and dispose of it in the dumpsters provided. This is to help keep garbage and waste out of the lake when the ice melts in the spring months. Community members participate in a yearly clean up along some of the shores, and the goal is to lessen the amount of garbage and keep Lake of the Woods clean.  More info on the Keep It Clean program at

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