The Rainy River and Lake of the Woods offer many boat access landings. The access’s vary from public or private(small fee). Below is a map that will direct you to each of the access’s surrounding the lake or river.

Landings Left to right along southern shore and Rainy River

  • Swift Ditch
  • Rocky Point Resort
  • Long Point Resort
  • Zippel Bay Resort
  • Zippel Bay State Park
  • Morris Point Resort
  • Cyrus Resort
  • Johnson’s Walleye Retreat Resort
  • Bugsy’s on Bostic Resort
  • Ken-mar-ke Resort
  • Wheeler’s Point
  • Bayview Resort
  • Peace Park
  • Timbermill Park
  • Vidas
  • Frontier
  • Birchdale
  • Franz Jevne State Park


Northwest Angle Landings

  • Sage’s Angle West Resort
  • Prothero’s Post Resort
  • Jake’s Northwest Angle Resort
  • Angle Outpost Resort Landing
  • Young’s Bay Resort Landing

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