Awesome Work and Play at Lake of the Woods

Do you enjoy playing at your favorite pastime? How about getting a chance to work at that same pastime? Yes, great opportunities of both work and play are found at Lake of the Woods.

People visit Lake of the Woods County and Baudette for the stunning international waters and the breathtaking baudette screen shot 2020 03 24 at 10.52.11 amscenery of Northern Minnesota. Lake of the Woods offers four seasons of world-class fishing, a hunter’s paradise and a vast array of outdoor recreation. Why not work and play here?!

Did you know the winter is the busiest season up at Lake of the Woods?  Yep, with the world class ice fishing, consistent ice conditions, daytime bite, millions of walleyes and saugers, and a great resort community who cater to anglers, this area is a dream getaway for many. There is an abundance of lodging facilities available which offer a rustic cabin or four bedroom villas. Bars and lounges are available at many facilities and also some of the greatest dining there is to be found anywhere.

opportunities for work and play

Great Dining

Did I say dining? Yes, walleye cheeks, buffet breakfasts, specialty pizzas, build your own burgers, blackened walleye or eat your catch of the day. Experienced chefs in our local resort dining areas are prepared for your specific tastes.

Employment Opportunities!  With that being said, chefs, wait staff, housekeepers, desk managers, guides, and maintenance people are all needed to make operations run smoothly.

Consequently, there are employment opportunities.  Have you ever thought about working in an area you love to play at?  There are a variety of opportunities and many have taken the step to work where they play.  Imagine fishing, hunting and simply living in an area people travel across the country to get to!

work and playThe City of Baudette’s webpage, as well as the Lake of the Woods Tourism webpage, has a link to a site called Get Hooked for Life. work and playHere you will find great videos of young people returning to the area to work and raise families and also great work opportunities. Everything from county employees, nurses, doctors, hospital employees, cooks and teachers are always needed. Again, work and play here!

Quality healthcare and education.  People stay in Lake of the Woods County because of the community. We take pride in our outstanding healthcare and nationally-recognized education.  LakeWood Health features a clinic, hospital and long term care facilities housed all under one roof.  Lake of the Woods School, a K-12 facility, is one of the finest educational systems in the state with very high ratings on education.

work and playBesides ice fishing there are many cross country ski trails, a state park, the school snowshoeing and cross country ski trails, an arena for curling teams to come and compete, and the most recent Lake of the Woods International Arena. This arena is one of the finest ice facilities in the state with state of the art “everything”. This is the home to youth hockey teaching many kids to skate and compete and also is the home of the high school hockey team, the “Bears”.

Technology.  Technology infrastructure is key in today’s world.  It also creates a number of business opportunities.  The area has access to high speed broadband opening doors educationally, as well as for business and personal growth and work and play.

The Lake of the Woods at Baudette is the county seat.  Whether looking to raise a family, grow your company or just looking for a change in scenery, for many, Lake of the Woods offers a better way of life. All licenses, taxes and other information is available right in town.

work and playAs the winter months arrive, many of the resorts are looking for part and full-time help. Again, winter fishing on LOW is known to be some of the best in the world. Look work and playno further than Here for many of the employment vacancies! Other places to look include resort websites or even calling resorts to ask for job opportunities.  Right now there are openings and various area employers would love to meet with you.

If you have any questions about possible employment, contact the county, city or before notated websites for great information. People are ready to help you come to work and play at Lake of the Woods

To learn more about Lake of the Woods, check out the Lake of the Woods Tourism website.

To find a guide, charter boat or lodging, check out our lodging page.

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