Border View Lodge Cajun Dip

This Recipe was submitted by Border View Lodge for their Cajun Dip. Some humor is involved with the making and prep of this recipe enjoy!

With medium size metal bowl, a 4 cup or larger measuring cup, cutting

board, chopping knife, and large whisk ready on the table get together the

following items.

In the measuring cup put these three ingredients in one after the other,

then use a rubber spatula to scrape out the measuring cup into the medium


1 Cup Sour Cream

1 ½ Cup Mayo

½ Cup Dry Cajun seasoning

Use the cutting board and chopping knife, it is not enough onion to break

out the food processor and waste all your time cleaning it up. If your skills

at chopping are lacking you may need to use the processor. 1 small

onion, chop it up into fine pieces and put it in the medium bowl. While you

have the knife in your hand you may as well cut up a lemon and squeeze it

into the medium bowl. Don’t let the seeds go in the bowl, throw them in the

garbage with the peels.

Put 10 ounces of ketchup in.

.75 ounce Tabasco, 1/3 bottle, same as before use up the partial bottles

and put in the medium bowl.

2 Teaspoon Salt, put it right in the bowl.

1 ½ Teaspoon Black Pepper, you guessed it, right in the bowl it goes.

Mix it well in the medium bowl with your whisk then fill

appropriate amount of squeeze bottles until the bowl is empty.

Clean up and put the dishes away so you are ready for the next project.

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