Border View Lodge Landscaper Gives Back at Arlington National Cemetery

As many things in life, there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than most people realize.  Such is the case with Gerald Landby of Border View Lodge on the shores of the Rainy River.  As he quietly does his job to make the resort look great, there is an myriad of education and experiences that led him to where he is now and what he takes part in each and every summer, volunteering at Arlington National Cemetery.  Renewal and Rememberance

Each July, Gerald joins about 400 other landscape professionals at Arlington National Cemetery to fix up the grounds.  Monday July, 16, 2018, is the largest service event in the landscaping industry called Renewal & Remembrance.  It is all part of the National Organization of Landscape Professionals.  Members work elbow to elbow withe the horticulture team at Arlington National Cemetery to improve the lawns, shore up historic trees, landscape, and complete irrigation and hardscape projects on the grounds.

Touched by the happenings of 911, Gerald simply felt like he wanted to do something to help.  “While in DC, a man came up and explained how the plane came over and hit the Pentagon.  It had a lasting impact on me and was a very emotional day,” explains the Warroad native.  Putting work into Arlington is a great way to channel emotions and give back.  “I do it to ultimately give back to those who have given ultimate sacrifice,” explains Landby.  “My first trip was in July of 2002, just after 911.  It is a very respectful time working to honor the fallen at one of our great premier cemeteries.  When the ceremony happens, everyone stops and pays respects.  It is very touching,” Landby says with a tear in his eye. 

Landby has not only the heart to volunteer, he also has the experience.  In addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in the field, work experience includes stints at a number of Universities and other workplaces including UM Crookston, Montana State University, City of Great Falls, MT and Carroll College in Helena, MT.

 Landby is the current President of the Professional Grounds Management Society and been part of the board since 2009.  It’s members represent 85% colleges and universities.   Much of the organization provides education for grounds managers.  Topics such as horticultural, non technical horticultural such as roads, irrigation, retaining walls, financial business management and Human Resources.
Landby currently works at Border View Lodge overseeing buildings and grounds.  Landby lives in Roosevelt with his wife Sandy.  He came back to the area he loves and has been back for two years.
 Arlington National Cemetery conducts between 27 and 30 funeral services each week day and between 6 and 8 services on Saturday. The grounds of Arlington National Cemetery honor those who have served our nation by providing a sense of beauty and peace for guests. The rolling green hills are dotted with trees that are hundreds of years in age and complement the gardens found throughout the 624 acres of the cemetery. The impressive landscape serves as a tribute to the service and sacrifice of every individual laid to rest within the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.



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