California YouTubers Efforts to Support the NW Angle

Perhaps you heard that for a second straight year, the Northwest Angle Guest Ice Road is open for business.  That’s right, 37 miles of ice road leading you to the NW Angle.  Did you also see the YouTubers from California last March make a grave effort to bike up to the Angle despite dangerously deteriorating ice conditions?  Well, as the ice fishing season was basically over, you may have missed it.  We thought it might be fun to see these guys in action being the ice road is rolling again this year.Airrack Youtubers NW Angle

Airrack is the YouTuber responsible for the fun, madness and huge number of views.  The adventure was captured in two different videos.  Imagine, they flew from LA to MSP.  Then, via Lake Country Air, they flew to Lake of the Woods.

While in route, the group received the unfortunate message that the ice had deteriorated enough that nobody is allowed, nor should go out on the ice.  Well, as you can imagine, this didn’t stop these guys.

Did we happen to mention the bike they used to attempt to bike to the Angle was made with saw blades as wheels?  Yep, you cannot make this stuff up.  Did we also mention while attempting to put this bike together that was shipped to Lake of the Woods, a local who follows Airrack saw he was in the area, couldn’t believe it and showed up, only to find himself putting the bikes together and helping to guide the guys throughout the area.

The first video has been seen 7.4 million times.  The second video only 2.2 million times.  Wow!  That is a lot of exposure, but when you watch the videos, you will understand why.  You never know what these guys will do next.

With a preface that we don’t recommend stepping out on deteriorating ice conditions, enjoy Airrack on Lake of the Woods from this past March.

Here is video #1…

And here is video #2…


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