Fishing Report 11.16.2020

On the south end…  As we roll into mid November, thin ice conditions on back bays as well as the Rainy River have put an end to the open water fishing season.  Big Traverse Bay is still [...]

Fishing Report 11.2.2020

On the south end…  Good walleye reports from a variety of different areas of the lake.  Most anglers report sorting through walleyes in a variety of sizes to catch eaters and big fish.  [...]

Fishing Report 10.26.2020

On the south end…  Dress warm and catch walleyes!  Some even bring their Mr. Heater in the boat.  High temps this week in the low 40’s.  The water temps are in the 30’s and the [...]

Fishing Report 10.19.2020

On the south end…  It’s fall in Minnesota.  Dress warm and catch walleyes!  That is the theme with good fall fishing this past week.  The colder weather has walleyes snapping.  Most [...]

Fishing Report 10.5.2020

On the south end…  The traditional fall pattern of a jig bite for walleyes continues on the big lake.  There are various schools of walleyes located across the south shore.  A good place to [...]

Fishing Report 9.28.2020

On the south end…  The traditional fall jig bite for walleyes is in full swing.  There are various schools located across the south shore.  Anglers catching good numbers of walleyes just [...]

Fishing Report 9.21.2020

On the south end…  Anglers are pulling in nice catches of walleyes with some big trophy walleyes mixed in as well.  The MN Tournament Trail Walleye Tournament just finished their [...]

Fishing Report 9.14.2020

On the south end…  With water temps dropping, some beautiful walleyes caught this week.  Walleyes being targeted using three methods, drifting or slow trolling crawler harnesses, trolling [...]

Fishing Report 9.7.2020

On the south end…  A great week of walleye fishing as seasons are slowly starting the change up at Lake of the Woods.  Trees are turning colors and waters are starting to cool.  With a few [...]

Fishing Report 8.31.2020

On the south end…  A lot of walleyes caught this week on Lake of the Woods.  For many of the AIM tournament anglers, a lot of huge walleyes were caught this week.   Charter boats and guides [...]