Fishing Report 1.17.2023

On the south end… We are in the heart of the ice fishing season up on Lake of the Woods.  Resorts continue to move houses with a goal of staying […]

Fishing Report 1.10.2023

On the south end… A good week of fishing.  Resorts are working at staying on the walleyes and saugers and the fish, as a rule, are moving deeper as the […]

Fishing Report 1.4.2023

On the south end… A mixed bag of fish being caught on Lake of the Woods.  Sorting through walleyes to pick away at the eaters is the norm with slot fish […]

Fishing Report 12.28.2022

On the south end… Some nice walleyes and saugers being caught of all sizes.  -25 degrees and weather systems making good ice, but messes a bit with the bite.   Most fishing is taking place [...]

Fishing Report 12.19.2022

On the south end… Good reports with a mixed bag for many.  Walleyes and saugers are the norm with eelpout, jumbo perch, pike, tullibees and even some sturgeon in the […]

Fishing Report 12.13.2022

On the south end… Ice fishing is in full swing.  Initial fishing reports are good with a nice mix of walleyes and saugers.  In true Lake of the Woods fashion, it […]

Fishing Report 12.6.2022

On the south end… It is ice fishing time!  Some resorts (not all) have pulled out fish houses and it is game on.  Some ice trails are marked and open.  […]

Fishing Report 11.30.2022

On the south end… Ice is forming, but other than some back bays, it isn’t ready quite yet.  Mother Nature is on track.  Some resorts are making the prediction of December 10th for [...]

Fishing Report 11.22.2022

On the south end… The wait for thickening ice is upon us.  This week, cold temps added to ice formation on back bays and on much of the big lake.  The ice […]

Fishing Report 11.15.2022

On the south end… Most anglers have pulled the plug on open water fishing the basin and have sights set on ice fishing.   This week, temps plunged creating ice on back […]