Fishing Report 12/9/2019

Ice Fishing Has Begun!!! On the south end…  Ice fishing has begun!  Many resorts have fish houses out with others watching ice conditions in the area they fish for the right time.  Below [...]

Fishing Report 12/2/2019

On the south end…  The majority of the big lake is iced over.  The forecast looks optimistic with the daily low temps forecasted in the teens and single digits.  Resorts are monitoring ice [...]

Fishing Report 11-25-2019

On the south end…  The big lake is reacting to Mother Nature when it comes to ice.  With temps reaching as high as 41 degrees this past week, some areas of the lake have opened up with the [...]

Fishing Report 11-19-2019

On the south end…  The big lake is ice covered with scattered areas of open water.  We have a nice start to making ice so when colder weather hits, things will get locked up fairly [...]

Fishing Report 11-4-2019

On the south end…  Late fall walleye fishing continues for those willing to dress up in warm gear and fish.  The south shore of Lake of the Woods continues to hold good numbers of walleyes [...]

Fishing Report for October 28, 2019

On the south end…  Great fall walleye fishing continues for those willing to bundle up and fish.  The south shore of Lake of the Woods holding lots of walleyes.  Most popular depths are 12 [...]

Fall Fishing Report 10-21-19

On the south end…  A fantastic week of fall walleye fishing.  Walleyes in good numbers across the south shore of Lake of the Woods.  Most popular depths are 14 – 24′.  Anchoring [...]

Fishing Report 10-8-2019

On the south end…  Fall fishing is strong with good numbers of walleyes being caught. Walleyes are staged in front of the Lighthouse Gap (mouth of Rainy River) in 18′ – [...]