Charter Boat Fishing on Destination Outdoors with John Bergsma

John Bergsma with Destination Outdoors and Fisherman’s Digest is no stranger to Lake of the Woods.  Back in the day when he was fishing professional walleye tournaments, this body of water was a consistent stop for many of the tournaments.  His history here along with strong friendships in the area bring him back a couple of times per year.

Normally, John would be fishing out of his own boat, but on this trip, we decided to make life easy and go out fishing on a charter boat.

Charter boats do make life easy.  Leave the boat behind and simply show up to your favorite resort.  The rods, reels, bait, licensed charter captain, navigation, finding fish, watching the weather, fish cleaning, just about everything is left to the professionals so you can sit back, relax and catch walleyes.

This trip was no different.  Fishing with a guide and his daughter, son in law, and yours truly, we proceeded to go out and do some jigging, which is a common way to catch Lake of the Woods walleyes.  As often happens on this body of water, we found walleyes.  Big walleyes, eaters, little fish and some multi species as well.


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Charter fishing is going strong this summer on Lake of the Woods.  There are normally openings at resorts this time of the year and what a great way to spend time with family, friends and corporate groups.

Charter boats will accommodate up to 6 anglers (6 is the magic number due to the Coast Guard license restrictions).   Some resorts will allow smaller groups and simply combine them.

A normal day is after a good breakfast, step aboard just before 8am and return to the docks around 5pm.  Don’t worry about fish cleaning, the guides will handle that!Charter boats on dock at a Lake of the Woods Resort

Some enjoy a fresh walleye dinner that first night in camp.  Resorts will often cook your fresh catch.  Others will have their own fish fry back at their cabin.  What you don’t clean and eat, package up and bring home.  In Minnesota, you are allowed to bring one limit home per person.  This your possession limit.

Fishing on a charter boat is fun, easy and has a high level of success.  No experience necessary, simply step aboard!


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