Fish the “Chili Bowl” Tournament on the Rainy River this Fall

Border View Lodge is continuing the tradition of hosting the 12th Annual Chili Bowl walleye tournament on the Rainy River on October 15, 2022.  Fishing the fall walleye run on the Rainy River is tradition and so is the Chili Bowl!  Enjoying the crispness of the fall air, the beautiful colors along both shores, the migration of birds taking place right before your very eyes, and of course, that tap on the end of your rod.

The Chili Bowl tournament is set up for anglers of all ability levels.  It can be competitive or more casual, depending upon how your roll.  Entry fee is only $250 per team of two anglers and participants are invited to the chili feed along with great prize giveaways for participating sponsors following the tournament.

The Rainy River is known for the fall walleye run.  Emerald shiners run up the Rainy River and walleyes from Lake of the Woods are close behind.

Emerald shiners, Rainy River, Lake of the WoodsThis is the time of year you can see the lights at the end of Rainy River docks.  Those who trap emerald shiners will have a light hanging just above the surface of the water to attract the minnows.  Under the surface a few feet is a big umbrella net.  When the minnows are really running, they will be thick, swimming in a clockwise circle by the gallons.  Most have a handle or rope they pull down on, lifting up the light and net with thousands of shiners.  They are normally dumped into a livewell next to the dock or in the case of bait dealers, into a tank to transport to bait shops or resorts.

Most anglers jig the river this time of year with emerald shiners.  It is a special time, jigging while watching the migration happen overhead right before your eyes.  Not to mention the beautiful fall foliage that line the river banks.

Some additional details about the Chili Bowl!

  • 100% PAYOUT!
    Angler registration fees go right back into the tournament
    payouts, which means more and bigger winnings!
  • 75-Boats, Two-person teams, hosted on Lake of the Woods Rainy River ($250 per boat)
  • Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) format
  • Chili Dinner is open to the public, come celebrate with us starting at 4 p.m

Payouts – If  150 anglers are reached:

1st Place  $6000.00

2nd Place $3000.00

3rd Place  $2500.00

Greg Jones, fall Rainy River walleye1. Know that this contest was created to promote the combination of local events and fishing. It is intended to be a fun day with a competitive spirit. As with any contest the integrity of the contest and competitors may come into question. There are many anglers in the contest that do not regularly fish and others that do for a living. This contest is not intended to draw professionally competitive anglers.  Therefore rules are not as specific as those that apply to a professional tournament but will be dictated by the spirit of the contest. Referees have been placed in the contest to keep the integrity.

2. The boundaries have been set to promote fair play, safety, a social setting, and so that it is available to all contestants regardless of skill and or equipment.

3. Your boat board/measuring device with number on it will stay with you until your weigh-in is completed.

4. You must check in with the flag boat by 3:00PM. 1-15 minutes late you will lose half of your weight. More than 15 minutes late and you will get zero weight.

5. No more than 5 fish will be recorded per team. All fish being measured must be a minimum of 14 inches. Only Walleye or Sauger will be eligible to measure.

6. There is no dock space available for your boat at Border View Lodge. All dock slips are reserved, unless you have pre-arranged a dock slip that you are paying for, do not park in Border View Lodge dock slips.

7. Presentations and door prizes will begin at approx 5PM. You must be present to claim your prize.

CHILI8. Chili is available at the lodge anytime during the contest. Dinner will start at 4:00. As a participant your dinner is included with your entry fee. Nonparticipants of the fishing contest may be part of the dinner, the cost for nonparticipants to eat is $8.95 plus tax.

9. Be safe, please have a designated driver if necessary. We want everyone to get home safely, if you need a ride please let us know and we will try to arrange something for your safe trip home.

10. This is a Catch-Photo-Release format tournament, with the intent for fish to be measured, documented and released.

Official Rules for this fall Rainy River tournament can be viewed here.

Register for the 2022 Chili Bowl Rainy River Walleye Tournament here.

Fall walleye fishing on the Rainy River, it’s tradition.  Fishing the Chili Bowl, catching some walleyes, some good comradery and some homemade chili at the end, not a bad way to spend a mid October day!


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