Come to Fish-Come to Eat at Lake of the Woods

Travelers throughout the nation visit sites, historical locations, fishing locations and others travel to treat their taste buds. Eating has become a national past-time it seems and Lake of the Woods is a great location to explore and treat your taste buds. Did you ever get to eat a shore lunch? That’s an experience you will never forget. Guides really know how to treat their clientele right. Check out this picture.eat

Do you like to eat quesadillas? Pizza? Tacos? Blackened Walleye? Incredible Burgers? Steak Sandwiches? or Beautiful Grilled Steaks to your liking? With 50+ resorts at this northern border area between the Northwest Angle and the south shore, you can eat yourself happy while enjoying pristine waters and one of the greatest fisheries around.

The quietness of the area feeds both your soul and feeds your appetite!

Lake of the Woods is known as the Walleye Capital of the World with many varieties of fish and other sportsman adventures throughout the area. If you’re planning a vacation and bringing the whole family, it’s also important to plan your dining experience and where you will find it. I believe one of the best kept secrets of our area is all of the dining availability here. Between the City of Baudette and the resort area, there are enough dining places for you to eat at a different location every night of the month if you so desire.

eatLet’s take a dining journey to see what there is to offer. Of course, I will not be able to mention all the possibilities, but I can assure you, each business has excellent choices.  If you are interested in pizza, there are many options both in the City of Baudette and at the resort community.  Subway, Circle K and McDonalds are available for quick take-out items. The city also has some great “Ma and Pa” restaurants where you can order great breakfast menus, specialty coffees, and baskets to eat in or take out.eat

If you head towards the lake area, locals will tell you to try the pizza at a couple of resorts where one night is set aside as pizza night and special homemade pizza loaded with whatever toppings you enjoy. Resorts offer specials to the local clientele and their customers whether it’s prime rib, shrimp, blackened walleye, or liver and onions.

Views are very important to enhance the dining experience. Lake of the Woods is divided into three strategic areas:  the Rainy River area, the South Shore and of course, the beautiful Northwest Angle. Choose a resort that is along the river and watch the activity of the many many launches as they travel the river taking their customers out to the great waters to find their favorite dining taste treat….the walleye.

Anglers can bring in their fresh catch and chefs will prepare their walleye for the greatest taste treat. Nothing is better than tasting that fresh catch surrounded by your favorite potatoes and salad for your dining pleasure. Some resorts offer burgers or steaks cooked over an open grill even in the cold winter months.

great lakesAnother area of interest while you eat is viewing the Big Traverse Bay area. This is the biggest portion of the lake where you actually cannot see land when you’re in the middle of it. It looks like the ocean or even the Great Lakes. Mentioning this, LOW is the largest fresh-water lake next to the Great Lakes. It’s an enormous body of water, sharing its boundaries with the country of Canada.

You can see water for miles and miles and the sight is only enhanced while dining on steak sandwiches, shrimp baskets or even walleye cheeks. Each dining facility at Lake of the Woods has its own unique character and it only enhances that dining experience.



This big lake experience offers atmospheres of warm fireplaces and the smell of good food and unique beverages soothing the soul while dining at some of the best places in the world. Many establishments also offer live entertainment and big screen TVs for your evening entertainment.

Check out our local newspaper, facebook or even the local cable channel to find the greatest menus at each resort. It’s your pick and your taste buds pleasure for dining at Lake of the Woods.

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