COVID Testing Requirements Driving to the Angle Drop April 1st

Driving to the NW Angle will get a whole lot easier come April 1st from travelers driving up through Canada.  From a COVID perspective, as long as you are vaccinated, you are good.

In a nutshell, you need to be vaccinated, have proper travel documents to enter Canada (passport, etc) and use the ArriveCan App, and you will be good to go.

Canada’s app for a smartphone which they require you to use called ArriveCan.  This is a free app and when you use it one time, much of you info is saved for the next time.

Media reports state that starting April 1st, the COVID testing requirement needed will be dropped.

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Jim's Corner, NW AngleDriving back through Canada on your return trip.  Travelers still need to check by entering info into the CanPass App and then contacting CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) as they always had to do.  This can be done at Jim’s Corner or by calling the 1-888-CAN-PASS number.

April 1st checklist of what you need to have ready at the border

To enter or return to Canada as a fully vaccinated traveler on April 1st, you must follow all of these requirements.

Have the following items with you for assessment by a government official at the border (land border crossings do not provide WiFi for travellers):


flying with lake country air 1Quarantine plan.  Travelers might scratch their head’s on this one.  Should you get COVID while in Canada, they ask that you have a plan.  You need to enter where you would quarantine in the ArriveCan App.  You can choose many places, but most travelers have been selecting the Sprague Hotel in Manitoba and entering that address.  You have to travel through the small town of Sprague, MB while driving up to the Angle.  The name and address is…

Sprague River Inn2072 Main Street Sprague, MB, Canada R0A1Z0

Travel to the Angle and avoid the border.  There are three viable ways to travel up to the NW Angle and avoid the border all together.Lake of the Woods Passenger Service

  1.  Snowmobile up.  During the winter months, there a couple of different snowmobile trails that are groomed and staked that keep you in Minnesota by going across Lake of the Woods.
  2. Drive your own boat up to the Angle (please note, LOW is big water, the right boat and experience along with a flexible schedule is important)
  3. Lake of the Woods Passenger Service.  This is a service that transports you up to your favorite NW Angle resort via bombardier or charter boat across Lake of the Woods.  Sit back and enjoy the scenery!
  4. Lake Country Air.  This fly in service will fly from a few different locations on the south end of Lake of the Woods across the lake up to the NW Angle.  The plane lands on the ice runway or on the open water with floats.  This 15 minute flight across the lake is scenic, easy and quick.  They also fly from South St. Paul and other Midwest locations.  Contact them for options.

The NW Angle is an absolute premier destination.  It is the northernmost point of the contiguous United States, it is where the 14,552 islands of Lake of the Woods begin and it is a place that will just have you feeling good.  Some say traveling to the Angle may take just a bit more effort but that is also one of the things that make it more special.


General info about Lake of the Woods

Lodging and Fishing up at the NW Angle

Info about the NW Angle

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