Dining and Entertainment Experience at Lake of the Woods Resorts

Did you know Lake of the Woods has dozens of resorts that serve delicious meals?  It’s true.  Just because you are amongst nature and some of the best fishing the world has to offer, does not mean you have to sacrifice in other areas.  On the contrary.  Many of our resort have chefs who have worked at some of the finest restaurants in the land.

Let’s face it, for many, one of the pleasures of a good trip is good food.  Starting the day out with breakfast, some resorts have a breakfast buffet, others you can order off of the menu.  Monster omelets, blueberry pancakes, homemade biscuits and gravy and fritter French Toast are just a few of the choices. For dinner, everything from All U Can Eat Tacos, homemade pizzas, hand pressed gourmet burgers, Cuban sandwiches, homemade Buffalo Wings, walleye fish fry on the casual end.  If you would like to step it up a bit, try prime rib, shrimp, authentic Chinese, steaks on the grill or a delicious pork tenderloin.

Special occasions are always a treat when you visit Lake of the Woods. There is always a cause for a party! Christmas, Halloween, to Mother’s Day, even Oktoberfest is cherished as a special occasion with drink and meal specials. Games, contests and more are just the beginning.

Almost every weekend, there is live music hosted at our resorts. Bands, DJ’s and more share the stage at many of the local resorts both on the South end and NW Angle. Check out our Calendar for all the music, food, and party specials we have!

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