Drive Around Lake of the Woods

Ever felt like taking a drive? What about driving 316 miles around an ENTIRE LAKE?? Lake of the Woods is view-able from all angle when you take the 6 hr 15 minute day (or two) adventure. Visit Canada, stop in Kenora, the Northwest Angle, and right back into the United States. It is sure to be something to add to anyone’s bucket list!
  • From the Tourism Bureau in Baudette, MN, head East on HWY 11 into Baudette. Take your left onto International Drive and head north towards the bridge.
 ***Entering Canada (Ontario)
  • Continue onto MOMs Way/Rainy River International Bridge
  • Continue onto Atwood Ave/MOMs Way/ON-11 E(signs for Fort Frances/ON-600 N)
    • Continue to follow MOM’s Way/ON-11 E 32.2 mi
  • Turn left onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-71 N (signs forKenora95.6 mi
  • Turn left onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 W 2.5 mi
  • Turn left to stay on Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 W(signs for Kenora9.8 mi
  • Turn left onto 2nd St S/Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 W 0.6 mi
  • Turn right onto Main St S/Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 W 0.2 mi
  • At the roundabout, continue straight onto Lakeview Dr/Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 W
     Continue to follow Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 W 7.6 mi
  • Turn left onto Kenora Bypass/Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 W
    Continue to follow Trans-Canada Hwy
    **** Entering Manitoba 47.2 mi
  • Turn left onto MB-308 S (signs for East Braintree)
  • Turn left onto MOMs Way/Provincial Trunk Highway 12 S/MB-12 S
    Continue to follow Provincial Trunk Highway 12 S/MB-12 S
     *****Entering United States (Minnesota) 12.7 mi
  • Continue onto MN-313/MOMs Way 6.3 mi
  • Turn left onto MN-11 E 36.7 miles back to Tourism Bureau

drive around LOW

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