Helpful Info When Driving up to the NW Angle

Traveling to Minnesota’s NW Angle has become easier.  For those driving up, you are traveling through a foreign country (Canada) and there are some requirements in order to enter.  We thought it might be helpful to provide a checklist and some basic info that will answer some frequently asked questions.

Thankfully, for those who prefer not to pass through Canada and avoid customs, there are some good options to travel up.  Some have big boats and the expertise to boat across Big Traverse Bay which keeps you in Minnesota.  This is a good option but it sure helps to have flexibility in your schedule for those windy days.

The Lake of the Woods Passenger Service is a charter boat shuttle service that will boat you across to the Angle to your favorite resort.

Lake Country Air is a flying service that services the NW Angle.  Their float planes provide fast, worry free travel up to your NW Angle destination.

For those driving, it has become easier.

Entry into Canada

Bringing Children Into Canada




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Info about Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods Area Lodging


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