Extended Fishing Seasons for Border Water

Being so far north and being a border water has its advantages. Some of those advantages are its colder, more snow, more ice, a longer ice fishing season, a longer walleye season, and a few seasons that don’t close.

The walleye season for Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River is open until April 14. This allows us to fish for walleyes right after all the ice has left the river and lake. For the rest of the state walleye fishing closes February 26th. 27 inch walleye anresens rocky point

Another great thing about being a border water is our ice houses can be left on the ice through March unlike inland lake where houses have to be off March 20 in the northern zone and March 7 in the southern zone.




Lake of the Woods also as an abundant amount of large northern pike which has a season that never closes. Anglers target these beasts with igloo-northern-39intip ups during the winter and then boats after the ice has gone.

More great fishing can be had on the Rainy River in the spring for Lake Sturgeon. These monsters can reach sizes into the 70-80″ range. It is a blast. The seasons for the lake sturgeon can be found here!









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