Fall Brings On Beauty in Lake of the Woods

fall aspen

fall foliage

World Class fishing is still in the mix this fall, but temperatures are dipping in the evening and leaves are starting to turn. We are seeing golden grasses in the ditches and golden leaves on the poplar trees as well as the sumac turning their gorgeous red. Harvested fields are showing golden stubble and soybeans are turning from green to golden brown. Even the grasses in ditches are golden as they wave in the breeze.

Fall brings a quietness to the waters up here and Rainy River’s current begins to slow as it prepares for the winter freeze-up. Fishing is huge in the River in the months of September and especially October as walleyes chase shiner minnows upstream. Anglers practice catch and release in the water while they enjoy an array of colors along the banks of Canada and the United States.

Fall invites many visitors to see the parade of fall colors throughout this north land. The North Shore is a popular place to visit this time of year so why not plan a trip from east to west to satisfy your eyes.

Check out the Fall Color Guides found on the Dept of MN – Forestry Division.
According to this site, Four main groups of biochemicals are responsible for the various yellows, oranges, reds and browns that we see in the fall:fall mn dnr colors

  • Chlorophyll
  • Carotenoids
  • Anthocyanins
  • Tannins

Each has its own color and chemistry. As the amount of these chemicals vary, they will cause subtle variations in color from one leaf to the next, or even from tree to tree.

Explore Minnesota is another great website to explore for your fall adventures. The site has published great information which started September 8th this year. Check it out!!

Foresty across the north land is still prevalent and you will find many logging trucks traveling to bring their product to market or storing it up to sell before freeze-up. Erickson Timber and Jake’s Saw Mill of Baudette are always busy as trucks are in and out hauling their product from the north, south, east and west.

One popular fall excursion at Lake of the Woods is to travel on Wilderness Drive south of Baudette through the virgin forest areas of Beltrami Forest. fall colorsThis is the sight of many past homesteads and the popular Faunce Tower Area is a great place to visit, explore or picnic. Enjoy the tall white pines that sing in the wind. The Beltrami Island State Forest is a state forest located in Lake of the Woods, Roseau, and Beltrami counties, Minnesota.

Named after Italian explorer Giacomo Beltrami, it is the second-largest state forest in the Minnesota system after Pine Island State Forest. The largest wildlife management area in the state at 321,149 acres, the Red Lake Wildlife Management Area, is located within the forest. The majority of the forest is managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, although a significant portion are tribal lands belonging to the neighboring Red Lake Band of Ojibwe. This great forest area is perfect in the fall for hiking, exploring and ATV travel.


Fall sunset on the lake

Another great spot to travel in the fall at Lake of the Woods is Zippel State Park. This is located northwest of Baudette and is full of birch and poplar trees as well as beautiful pines. It has many trails and its sandy beach on the shore of Lake of the Woods is especially calm and serene during the fall season. Again, golds, whites, reds, and browns along with the green pines is an exquisite sight at dawn or during the astounding sunsets.

Plan your trip this fall all around Minnesota and end up at Lake of the Woods for a climax of your tour.


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