Fish Addictions TV Behind the Scenes in the National Walleye Tour

Mike Olson, Fish AddictionsMike Olson of Fish Addictions TV had always thought about “playing with the big boys” and entering the National Walleye Tour (NWT) as a pro competitor. Naturally, he knew he could fish.  But this was different.  This was five different tournaments across the nation on well known walleye waters competing against some of the most passionate and best sticks in the land.  He had also thought about sharing this leap of faith with other anglers who might be thinking about fishing tournaments and simply sharing the experience with others.  “I was throwing around the idea of fishing the NWT for a couple of years.  What better way to show people what it’s like,” explains Olson.  “Filming these 5 tournaments would give the inside look into the events.”  This past year, he did exactly that.  He put together a game plan for cameras to be rolling during the best times and worse times of the fishing year and came out with a final product that really shares what it’s like to go all in on the NWT.

Olson’s favorite body of water is Lake of the Woods.  He has done well in past tournaments and actually has a cabin on the lake.  “Lake of the Woods on last year’s schedule was pivotal in my decision to fish, he explained.  The Fish Addiction’s leader also spoke about the attitude of Lake of the Woods walleyes, as we have heard other tournament anglers mimic the same sentiment.  “I have the privilege of fishing all over North America.  Lake of the Woods walleyes are the meanest walleyes in the world.”

In big walleye tournament circuits like this, the majority of anglers are working together as teams.  The body of waters are big and diverse.  For a single team to break apart the water is nearly impossible.  Consequently, Olson teamed up with Robert Cardenas and Drake Herd.  The three men share their highlights and lowlights from all aspects of the life of a tournament angler.  The fishing aspects certainly, but also balancing work, family, days away from home on the road.

In talking to Mike Olson, the tournament season wasn’t necessarily a bowl of cherries.  Despite putting in hours and hours of preparation and pre-fishing in along with his teammates, the competitors are as good as they get and everyone fishing is good.  “Going into the Lake of the Woods tournament, I didn’t know if I could hang.  It had been a tough year,” says Olson.  Well, his luck was about to change.  Olson had an excellent tournament.  Olson was 2nd overall after day one.  Day two wasn’t as quite as big of a bag of fish but he carried a two day total that found him in the top ten, which was needed to fish on day three.  Day three again was strong for Olson coming in at 4th place overall amongst the elite anglers.  This was the right tournament to do it in as it was the championship.

So you want to be a tournament walleye angler?  There are so many good things around fishing tournaments, but like anything in life, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.  It takes a work ethic, strong desire and the right attitude.  “As I talked about in segment number four, no matter what life throws at you, you can’t give up!”

NWT Championship, Lake of the Woods Part One of Two, through the eyes of Fish Addictions.  The LOW portion begins at the 9:40 mark.

NWT Championship, Lake of the Woods Part Two of Two, through the eyes of Fish Addictions.


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