Fishing Report 2.27.2024

On the south end…   Ice fishing continues strong and it is still winter on the border.    Resorts are monitoring ice conditions multiple times per day and fishing continues to be excellent.

Resort fish houses and sleeper fish houses are available.  Some ice roads are allowing pickup trucks pulling wheelhouses as well.  Check with each individual ice road for specific limits.

As always, and certainly this year, it is important to stay on the resort ice roads.  It is tempting to go off on your own as there isn’t much snow, but that is a risky move any time of the year.  Resorts and outfitters keep their roads on the best ice and monitor it numerous times per day.

Lake of the Woods enjoys an extended ice fishing season each year.  Fish houses are allowed on the ice through March 31st, the walleye / sauger season goes through April 14th and the pike season never ends.

The majority of ice fishing for walleyes and saugers is still taking place in 24 – 34 feet of water.  Jigging one line and using a live minnow on the second line is the way to go.  Gold, glow red, glow white, and pink are good colors.

Pike anglers are reporting increased activity.  Most fishing the shoreline breaks near spawning grounds.  Pike activity will only increase as we roll into March. fishing

Arming your spread with a mixture of live and dead baits will allow you to quickly figure out what the pike wants that day. Alewife, smelt, herring, numerous sizes of live suckers, or even large shiners work well.

On the Rainy River…  Most ice fishing is taking place on the lake.  There are a couple of resorts that ice fish on the Rainy River.  Know ice conditions or work through a resort or outfitter for safety.

The river is open east of Birchdale.  We expect some open water to start creeping in a bit near Birchdale, but not yet.  We will keep you posted.

Up at the NW Angle…  A good week of ice fishing up at the Angle.  Walleyes, saugers, jumbo perch, eelpout, pike and some big crappies in the mix.

Jigging one line and deadsticking the second line is the way to go.  The morning and evening bites have been the most productive, with anglers picking at fish during the day.

There may not be snow or good ice where you live, but ice fishing is still happening on Lake of the Woods and has been excellent.  Lodging, fish house rentals, ice fishing, and meal packages at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.

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