Fishing Report 5.28.2024

On the south end…   Good fishing this week with nice numbers of walleyes and saugers.

A jig and frozen emerald shiner again this week is the go to presentation for walleyes.  Rainbows and fatheads are also working and it is nice to see what the fish want each day.

Various areas across the south shore are holding fish.  Most walleyes and saugers are being caught in 17 – 24′ of water.  Anglers are anchoring up and vertical jigging.

A quarter ounce jig in gold, glow white, pink, orange, chartreuse, or a combo of these colors tipped with a minnow worked well again.  Pound the bottom, jig it up in the strike zone, hold.  Trying shaking the jig and lifting it off of the bottom.  Any kind of weight will be a fish hanging.  Set the hook!

A mixed bag while fishing walleyes include pike, jumbo perch and a few crappies. fishing

On the Rainy River…  Some nice walleyes caught  this week on the river in 10 – 15′ of water.  Typical spots such as holes, current breaks, weed edges and rocky areas all can hold fish.  There are 42 miles of navigable waters from the mouth of the river all the way to Birchdale.

Sturgeon fishing on the Rainy River is closed until the keep season starts up again July 1st.

The river holds good numbers of smallmouth bass for those interested in bronzebacks.  A lot of bass are caught by unsuspecting walleye anglers.

Up at the NW Angle…  A great week of fishing.  As typical with guests staying at the Angle, some fish MN waters, some slide over into Ontario waters.  Both areas are producing.

Points, neck down areas and bays with warming water have been holding walleyes.  With warming waters, fish are in transition and there are lots of fish.

The goto presentation is a jig and minnow.  Gold, glow white, pink and orange are good colors.

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