Fishing Report 7.2.2024

On the south end…   The summertime bite is in full swing on LOW!  Three main techniques are getting it done and lots of fish are being caught.  The three fishing techniques being used are drifting or trolling crawler harnesses, trolling crankbaits and jigging.

Most popular depths are 24 – 35′ of water.  When fishing structure, fish can be holding on top of the reef, on the edges or in the transition areas from the rock to mud.  Watching your electronics and fishing the various areas will help find the walleyes.
The second area holding good numbers of fish is the deep mud.  Various schools of walleyes, as is the norm this time of year, are roaming around over the basin focusing on a variety of forage.  Emerald shiners, tullibees, bug hatches, blood worms, and perch minnows are just a few.
Those jigging basically mark fish on their electronics, anchor up or spot lock and jig.  Emerald shiners and leeches on the jigs have both been successful this week.
Pulling spinners with a crawler and trolling crankbaits are techniques that are catching good numbers of fish.  These tactics cover water and get more reaction bites.  Gold / glow white, glow and pink, orange, chartreuse, or a combo of these colors are a great place to start.
On the Rainy River…  With recent rains, the river is flowing with a strong current.  Focus fishing efforts in areas on the edge of current or in slack water.
For walleyes, a jig and minnow is effective when fishing small, isolated spots.  Trolling spinners and crankbaits against the current will produce a mixed bag of fish.  Shoreline breaks, slack water areas, the backside of a hump or even along docks are good places to start.


Trophy Walleye

The sturgeon “keep” season opened July 1st.  You can catch and release sturgeon with a normal MN fishing license.  If you want to keep a sturgeon, you must purchase a sturgeon tag for $5.  Anglers are allowed one sturgeon per calendar year between 45 – 50 inches or over 75 inches.
Up at the NW Angle…  Fishing remains excellent.  Lots of walleyes being caught, along with a mixed bag for many.
Some walleyes are starting to gravitate towards sunken islands.  Some fish are out over deep mud.  Others are in areas such as points, neck down areas and weed edges.  Lots of walleyes focusing on a variety of different forage.
Jigging on structure and over fish you mark has been effective.  When fish are a bit spread out, pulling spinners with crawlers or trolling crankbaits is catching a lot of fish.
In this portion of the lake with thousands of islands, expect to catch walleyes, saugers, pike, jumbo perch, crappies, smallmouth bass and muskies.
Muskie anglers are reporting good success with many nice fish caught and released.

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