Fishing Report 9.7.2023

On the south end…  As we roll into September, nice coolers of walleyes are common with guides and charters with some big trophies being caught as well.  Catching these predators isn’t always a slam dunk as first you have to find them and then get them to eat.

The two techniques with the continued warm weather catching the majority of the walleyes are drifting spinners with crawlers and trolling crankbaits.

Many of the charters continue to run to the north end of the lake for good numbers of eaters.  Drifting spinners (or slowly trolling if no wind) with a gold and red or a pink blade along with a two hook harness with a crawler continues to catch numbers of fish.

Tip with crawler harnesses, hook for front hook in the dark part of the crawler, straighten the crawler out and hook the second hook.  Leave about 2-3 inches of crawler off of the back hook and pinch off the rest.
If you are looking at a mix of eaters with the chance of larger walleyes, the basin is holding larger fish.  Both the mud and rock reefs have fish.  Electronics are a big help in knowing where to fish.  There is a lot of water.
Trolling crankbaits is producing good numbers of fish, including big fish.  This technique is effective on all parts of the lake and will continue into the fall months.


Sandy with Large Pike

Jigging will pick up and be a desired bait for walleyes as the waters cool.
On the Rainy River…   As fall temps start to appear and the days continue to get shorter, Mother Nature will drive some transition activity on the river.  This means shiners running and more fish entering the river.
As past reports have noted, there are some fish in the river already and it should only get better.  Typically, mid September is when we start hearing about increased activity.
Walleyes are being caught in Four Mile Bay, along various shoreline breaks, bars and other pieces of structure up and down the river.  Trolling spinners and trolling crankbaits has been effective covering water and triggering fish.
Pike and smallmouth bass are being caught casting shorelines and back bays.  Crappies are showing up along docks and just off of shoreline breaks.
Sturgeon season is open and the “dinosaur” activity will pick up as waters cool.  For those targeting these huge fish, there are fish being caught.  A sturgeon rig loaded with crawlers or a combo of crawlers and frozen emerald shiners is the ticket.

Up at the NW Angle…  Fishing on both sides of the border continues strong.  Walleyes are the most sought after, but if you have fished the islands area, you know muskies, smallies, pike, sauger, crappies and perch are in the mix.

Walleye anglers, some nice fish being caught on flats adjacent to structure.  There are also walleyes on various areas of structure.  Not every walleye is focusing on the same forage in the lake.  Flats often have walleyes spread out, thus covering water with cranks or spinners is effective.

Jigging areas of structure is catching fish.  Many guides jig all year.  When fishing Ontario waters, live and dead bait cannot be transported across the border from the U.S., hence plastics are being used.  Another option is to purchase live bait in Canada, your favorite resort can help you with how and where.
Muskie anglers are catching fish with some nice fish over 50 inches this week.
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