German Filmmakers Create Short Film on the NW Angle

Jim's Corner, documentary on NW Anglemap from documantaryWhen a boutique documentary production company called Jynx Productions comes from across the world to produce a short film for the German TV show, America Today about the NW Angle, you just know it’s going to turn out well.  This short film shares a glimpse of a way of life during the winter months for those who live up at the NW Angle.

This film shares glimpses of flying to the U.S from Germany, driving through customs, gaining a behind the scenes look at some locals and how they live, ice fishing, and the Angle Inlet School.  For a short film, it does a nice job of harnessing a lifestyle for some who call the NW Angle home.

Graphics showing the border and the different ways to travel up to the Angle along with where the NW Angle is and why it is such an anomaly.

The NW Angle is one of those special areas.  Once you visit, you will want to return, regardless what time of year it is.

This documentary (at least the English version) requires a password, which is:  jynx  Enjoy.paul and karen colson eating dinnerJoe Laurin next to map, NW Angle




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