Get Outdoors for Cheap Psychology

These are unprecedented times.  The COVID – 19 situation has our regular lives, events and for many, anxiety levels in a place we are not used to.  There are, and will be challenges for many of us in the days ahead, but not challenges we cannot overcome.  As the saying goes, without our health, what do we have?  With that being said, it is especially important to keep an eye on our mind, body and spirit during these times.  With adhering to the recommendations of the CDC and other medical experts for our safety and the safety of others, there are a number of outdoor activities that can help us as outdoors mined people through this chapter of life.  Get outdoors for cheap psychology.  Sun over ice, Lake of the Woods

Social distancing is a phrase widely used in preventing the spread of COVID – 19.  In essence, it refers to staying at least six feet away from others.  Getting into the outdoors adheres to these requests but also allows our minds and bodies to experience fresh air, the healing qualities of nature and often times, providing food for our families (a phrase I often use with my wife when I express that I am headed out fishing).

I had the opportunity to clear my head recently by heading out to do some ice fishing.  I was alone in my travels, but had proper safety gear such as a float suit, ice picks, ice cleats, etc. to ensure safety.  Upon arriving, it appeared some other folks had the same idea.

While I picked away at some average sized fish, I could feel the stresses of life lift away.  I know for myself and many, getting outdoors is good for the soul.  It makes me a better man, both personally and professionally.

In these times, I found myself paying closer attention to the sounds of nature.  Canada geese, cranes, swans, robins and cardinals were active in the area creating a wonderful backdrop for a few hour adventure.

Something about getting some exercise and breathing in the fresh air just makes me feel better and sleep better.

These times are an opportunity to be thankful and reflect on the many riches we take for granted.  Living in America.  Our loved ones.  Our economic status wherever we are in life.  Our pets.  The opportunities.  The medical expertise.  The government’s resources to help people through this crisis.  No matter where we are in life, we could have it worse.  This is a good time to be thankful.

It isn’t everywhere one can have access to lakes, forests, prairies, walking and biking trails as part of living where we live.

It isn’t everywhere we can breathe fresh air.  Have confidence in the quality of food we purchase.  Know that our water is safe.

These are unprecedented times.  These are also times for many of us who value spending time outside amongst nature can have great benefits to our overall health and well-being.  As long as you can do so in a safe manner, make a point to spending some time outdoors.  As many will agree, it is cheap psychology.


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